Jerry Meals is probably being given a free meal by the Reds. Is that an overreaction statement?

Yes. Does he deserve it? Yes.

Mike Pelfrey did not have his greatest game tonight, but the wheels came off in the 5th inning. I wonder if it’s a reaction to the terrible decision by Jerry Meals. 

For those wondering, a pitch came inside to Scott Rolen with the bases loaded with 0 outs in the 5th inning. I still have yet to see it hit him, and I’ve seen 20 different replays, at least. Anyways, it was originally called a foul tip into the mitt of Rod Barajas. But Jerry Meals conferred with the other umpires, and the umpire about 120 feet away somehow saw it hit Rolen.

How? Now, this may be the ONLY time you will see me praise Jerry Manuel, so take a photo of this or something to remember it forever. I praise Jerry Manuel for being so animated in arguing the call that it hit him. I have not seen such a needed argument so well fulfilled in a long time. I mean he threw his hat and was arguing vehemently.

Of course so were Barajas and David Wright, the former being lucky he didn’t get ejected. I think Jerry pumped up the team. I praise him for that. He was still pretty ticked after the game.

Regardless, Pelfrey fell apart after getting two more outs. No more runs would have been scored that inning if that was not done, so the final probably would have been 7-3 Mets.

Joey Votto shows why he deserves to be an all star hitting two home runs, and one that almost was his third. After Pelfrey left, the Mets bats came alive in the 5th scoring five runs. They just couldn’t pull it off.

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