Over the last 24 hours, fans, players and announcers alike have had their say concerning the suspensions handed down in the Biogenesis scandal.

But none were heavier than the words of San Francisco Giants announcer Mike Krukow during Monday’s broadcast.

According to the CSN Sports broadcast (h/t Yahoo! Sports’ Kevin Kaduk), Krukow states Nelson Cruz has “taken a dump on the Texas Rangers.”

“…Well maybe this is the best time because Nelson Cruz has taken a dump on the Texas Rangers. How do they feel down there, the Texas faithful. They’re great fans. They don’t deserve this. So I’m sorry this has to happen to them and to that organization and to that fanbase…”

Those are some strong words from the announcer.

But does Krukow have a right to feel that way? And what about his past transgressions and those of Giants’ players?


The Past

Digging deeper into Kaduk‘s column, he noted that Krukow furiously defended Barry Bonds in 2007, even calling Curt Schilling a “horse’s ass” when Schilling accused Bonds of steroid use.

A blog posted on the San Francisco Chronicle‘s website by a writer with the name “Betting Fool” shows Krukow didn’t hold back when talking about Schilling:

Krukow essentially said that Schilling is a blowhard, calling him an “idiot” who always seems to pop off about things he doesn’t need to comment on and saying “a little knowledge goes a long way. He thinks he knows a lot about everything.”

One has to wonder why he said nothing on Bonds, despite a reported failed amphetamine test in 2006, according to the Associated Press (h/t ESPN). 

Then there’s this interesting bit:

During an interview with Gary Radnich on KNBR radio (9:36 mark), Krukow admitted to taking amphetamines during his time playing professional baseball. 

“I did take amphetamines. There towards the end I couldn’t lift my arm up. I had a guaranteed contract. I wanted to make that contract good…”

“I felt an obligation there to justify that contract…”

“I justified it because it was a part of the game…”

That sounds like the pot is calling the kettle black.


Still Needs to Be Said

Regardless of Krukow‘s history, it’s still something that needs to be said.

These players are ruining things for their teams. But Krukow might not have been the best person to speak out on it.

Players like Evan Longoria, who tweeted this out yesterday, need to be the ones speaking up:

You wouldn’t have Mark McGwire or Rafael Palmeiro speak up about players involved in the Biogenesis scandal would you? What about Jose Canseco?

Players who have been clean need to be the ones ultimately speaking out about performance-enhancing drugs. 

Someone who used amphetamines to prolong his career and make good on his contract is no better than Cruz, Alex Rodriguez or any of the other players involved in the Biogenesis scandal.

Cruz did take a dump on the Rangers. But Krukow did the same to baseball when he violated the integrity of the game just so he could “make that contract good.”

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