First and foremost, a congratulations is in order to Mr. Alexander Emanuel Rodriguez for becoming the youngest player in MLB history to hit 600 home runs. What an accomplishment.

In the first inning of today’s game on August 4, 2010 Alex launched a home run to center field, and launching the monkey and pressure off of his back with it.

He finally did it.

He even snapped his 0-17 slide with number 600. What a way to end a hitless streak.

After rounding the bases, Derek Jeter was the first to greet him and offer his congratulations with a hug. You could visually see the sigh of relief on Alex’s face as he was greeted by the rest of his teammates on the field and in the dugout, followed by a curtain call to the standing Yankee Stadium crowd.

It was beautiful to see.

Now, Alex and the Yankees can move on. One may wonder or suggest how having this issue over the Yankees has impacted their play. Bottom line, it’s over, and the Yankees can move on as one.

The YES Network broadcasters, Michael Kay and Al Leiter offered an interesting piece of information. Three years ago today, Alex hit number 500 against Kansas City. And the ball landed on the netting which covers Monument Park.

Ironic sometimes how things like these with the Yankees work out.


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