Adam Dunn has been hammering away home runs for the Chicago White Sox all season long. While Dunn is an early odds-on favorite to win the AL Comeback Player of the Year award, his resurgence could also possibly help one of his teammates win a prestigious honor.

In a previous article, I spoke about the AL’s two MVP candidates: Josh Hamilton and Paul Konerko. At the time, Hamilton was leading the AL in home runs and RBI.

Do not look now, but Adam Dunn has surpassed Hamilton in home runs with 23 versus 22. Dunn is also gaining steam in the RBI department, with 52 to Hamilton’s 62.

Dunn can help sway MVP voters to Konerko if he maintains the MLB lead in home runs and catches Hamilton in RBI.

Here is a possible scenario for the White Sox:

Let’s say that Konerko wins the batting title with an average of .370 or more and finishes in the top 10 in home runs, RBI and doubles. Dunn leads the league with close to 50 home runs and bests Hamilton by five or more. In the process Dunn wrestles away the RBI lead and Hamilton either suffers from an injury or from fatigue.

All things considered, the idea of Konerko winning the MVP would not be as inconceivable as it once seemed, especially if the White Sox win the AL Central.

This would be a huge accomplishment not only for Dunn and Konerko, but for a White Sox team that came into the season with very little expectations.

Although it is still early in the season, there are several things yet to be decided. Josh Hamilton was once considered a shoo-in for the MVP award, but with the help of an unlikely hero, Paul Konerko is lurking. If Adam Dunn can somehow get his batting average up, he could be considered a dark-horse for MVP as well.

It is proof that baseball is a marathon, not a sprint.   

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