Joc Pederson emerged from the woodwork in 2014 to become a relatively household name among Los Angeles Dodger fans. The year before, Yasiel Puig filled that role. In a system as deep as the Dodgers’ currently is (and with a front office that clearly knows what it is doing), young or unheralded prospects emerge every year to present themselves as legitimate big leaguers.

They come with varying degrees of certainty. Elite prospects with first-round pedigrees (hello, Corey Seager) are more likely to be everyday starters than late-round prospects who toiled in obscurity for a few years. However, everyone on this list appears to have some sort of a big league future, and it is important for Dodger fans to know their names and what to expect.

Notes: All rankings referred to are courtesy of the team rankings, and the Dodgers list can be found here. I have not seen any of these players and am not a scout; I read scouting reports and follow their in-season performances.

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