The is-this-for-real conversation begins to happen after the first month of the Major League Baseball season like a young actor enjoying the first taste of celebrity.

What we try to take away from April’s baseball action is what is fact and what is fiction. One month provides us little that is definitive in a six-month MLB season.

But, of course, we want our answers. And we want them now.

Overreaction tends to be the general theme of baseball’s first month. It goes both ways, too. A struggling team might watch its fanbase unnecessarily panic. The Kool-Aid of a surprisingly good team or player tastes like a fine wine.

Until we hit May.

Everything could change with the weather in the eastern part of the country. So before we hit baseball’s second month, on this final day of April, here is what we can draw from the first month of the 2016 MLB season.

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