After 6 long years, the Giants have finally made the playoffs. However, it took 162 games, 5 new starting position players, 3 new bullpen pitchers, a new starting pitcher, an appendectomy, several manly beards, and a lot of torture. Everyone should now take a moment to take a deep breath. Breath in ———- and exhale. Feel better? Good, we have work to do.

It would be a pity for the Giants and the fans alike to put in that much effort to just sit back and rest on our laurels. The journey is not over, that’s the best part of the postseason. Lined up for the Giants in the NLDS are the Atlanta Braves, similarly winning their last game to sneak into the playoffs.

Giants fans and players alike haven’t waited this long to simply fold in the NLDS. In order to make sure the Giants will play for a pennant, they will have the make sure that these 5 different assertions are made to achieve victory.

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