The New York Mets have had little reason to be optimistic for the past few years, but this year has the potential be different.

Mets fans have been conditioned to be pessimistic through years of disappointment, and this wasn’t helped following a devastating loss on Opening Day. Bobby Parnell will miss significant time due to injury after just one game, a huge blow to an already shaky bullpen.

Fans can also be pessimistic due to the fact that the Mets still don’t know who is the long-term starter at first base and because Matt Harvey will miss the season after being New York’s biggest star in 2013.

Despite these reasons to be pessimistic, fans trying to find the bright side shouldn’t have to look too hard.

Next season may be a more realistic time to discuss contending for a playoff spot, but playing in October is definitely possible this year. The Mets will need a number of breaks to go their way, but they have the pieces in place to at least be in the conversation for a wild-card spot.

Few fanbases need reasons to be optimistic more than the Mets, so presented on the following slides are four reasons to be optimistic about the team’s 2014 season.


All statistics courtesy Baseball-Reference.

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