It’s September 17, 2011, the New York Yankees are playing a Saturday afternoon game up in Toronto, the second of a three game set against the Blue Jays.
Including this game, there are just 10 games left in the regular season.
The Yankees, who are leading 4-1 in the bottom of the eighth, are about to clinch the AL East.
Shocking to say the least, as no one predicted the Bombers to even be wildcard contenders. Unquestionably, this was not supposed to be happening.
I mean the Yankees were old, outdated, yesterday’s stars and age was supposed to come before beauty in 2011.

These statements were specified as facts that Yankee fans were told to deal with it back in April.

Well, because the 2011 World Series was going to be between the Phillies and Red Sox. PERIOD.
The Yankees were assumed to be building a nursing home in October, not playing in it.

How could they win, with a below average shortstop, an overrated third baseman, a declining guy at first and a pitching staff that only had one certified ace.
So let’s say after clinching, the Yankees finished the 2011 season posting 103 wins. Continued onto the World Series, a rematch against the Phillies and the outcome was like déjà vu.
I can promise the players would jump onto the field at Yankee stadium as if this was their first championship, not the franchise’s 28th.
The famous “core four” would now need to use both hands to wear all six rings.
Who knew that in addition to being World Champions again, their cheating, celebrity hungry and way over-paid guy at third could be taking home his fourth MVP award.

 Could anyone say media mess?
Seriously, to top it off FOX announcer Joe Buck threw-up on camera while saying, “The Yankees are back on top.” Buck went on to collapse.
Yes, this would make Yankees Universe turn into a solar system and surely some readers might have shortness of breath at this point.
Instead, be thankful that someone is giving you notice that this result could undoubtedly happen.
Just think about all those baseball experts who said the 2011 Yankees were not a championship caliber team. Talk about looking like an idiot and that is me being polite.
The sports media took advantage by creating so much drama about the Yankees in the last year. Not one MLB writer seemed to mind losing some creditability and a lot of integrity in exchange for viewers.

 So, what if this scenario became your reality?
What would you say and how would you say it, without looking even more like a lunatic?
My point is that the Yankees have officially heard all the crap and were forced to deal with it since 2010 finished.

No one thought that of it as the perfect bait to motivate a team that knows how to do one thing better than any other team…..

That is WIN!

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