With the 2011 baseball season right around the corner, a refresher course of who’s hot, who’s not and whose batting order is worthy of being the most feared is much anticipated.

A lot happened last year in the MLB, so let’s go back in time for a quick sec to highlight some highlights: For starters, someone hit over 12 home runs (Jose Bautista), the Padres competed for an NL West title down to the very last game with a .246 team batting average (insert laugh track), and above all, pitching beat hitting in a World Series that featured a catcher who was going to win a ring no matter who ended up winning (one of the seven Molina’s who plays catcher).  

With that being said, it’s time to break down the ole’ 1-9 lineup. 

Here’s my in-depth analysis of worst to first batting orders leading up to the 2011 most daunting offense in the Majors:

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