2011 MLB Predictions Have Twins Once Again Crumbling Against Yankees in the Playoffs

In the 2011 MLB playoffs, I predict the Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers will be playing each other for a chance for the American League championship.

The Boston Red Sox and Texas Rangers will have the one and four seeds respectively in my eyes, which means the Yankees and Twins will once again face off with each other in the divisional series.

As much as I’d like to say the polarizing Yankees will be the ones to crumble, I just don’t see it happening.

Want proof that the Twins choke time and time again in the playoffs?

The Twins have been to the playoffs eight times since 1987.

They’ve won two American League pennants in those eight tries.

Even more alarming, since 2002, the Twins have been to the playoffs six times.

How many AL pennants? Zero.

Not only that, the Twins have superstar Justin Morneau dealing with concussion concerns this season and star catcher Joe Mauer has a testy knee.

This team has what it takes to win the AL Central, they do nearly every year in the last decade. It’s how they’ll get through the playoffs that concerns me every season, especially against the Yankees, who swept them in three games in 2010’s divisional series.

What has changed this season for the Twins?

Exactly, very little.

Actually, on paper, it’s gotten worse.

They took a significant hit to their bullpen in the offseason, losing Jesse Crain, Matt Guerrier, Jon Rauch and Brian Fuentes.

If they couldn’t beat the Yankees with their former bullpen, how are they going to subdue the Yankees bats with suspect relievers?

This is shaping up to be another letdown in the postseason for the Minnesota Twins.

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