The Major League Baseball draft is well on its way to becoming similar to the NFL draft. There is no off-season.

And in the case of most of these players, that’s the actual truth. While the best players college football has to offer are currently sitting in their dorm room’s playing video games, the best that college and high school baseball has to offer are out in the summer heat, working their butts off.

Some are pitching for Team USA in Cary, NC, while others are touring the country playing in the various All-Star showcases, but there aren’t many who are just sitting pat, knowing every little bit of work they put in can be seen by scouts and draft-niks who can help improve their stock.

Take UConn’s George Springer for example. The five-tool center-fielder has out on a display in North Carolina that has teams re-evaluating him as a top ten pick.

Or Henry Owens, who has been mowing down hitters as a part of Team USA’s under-18 squad.

Both have generated enormous momentum that will hopefully carry over into their 2011 seasons, and culminate in high draft slots.

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