It has been announced that outfielder Grady Sizemore will begin the season on the 15-day disabled list. Although this was somewhat expected, it will shake up the batting order come Opening Day for the Cleveland Indians.

Manager Manny Acta has been quiet about where Sizemore will hit when he returns to the lineup, not wanting it to affect how the other players ready themselves for the season. 

This batting order is just speculation, based on the author’s projections. It has been put together using precedent from the past, as well as how some of the Spring Training games have played out. 

While on paper the team may lack starting pitching, it is clear that the Indians will be more than capable of scoring runs this season. The team possesses a good amount of power in combination with plenty of team speed. 

Without further ado, the projected 2011 Cleveland Indians Opening Day batting order. An update on how Spring Training has gone for each hitter will also be included and assessed.   

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