The New York Mets finish their season tomorrow, which is a relief for the fans who have suffered with this team the whole season, one injury and non-baseball headline after another has ravaged this team.

While there is plenty of blame to go around, most of it falls on the players who did not execute or consistently play hard or smart fundamental baseball.  Many changes are expected to be made to the roster and very few people are guaranteed jobs entering next season.

Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya will likely be relieved of their duties early this week, Manuel most likely out side the organization and Minaya should get re-assigned the Mets organization but a new GM and Manager will almost definitely be taking over in 2011.

Changes to the coaching staff are also inevitable as both the pitching and hitting were large reasons why the team failed the way that it did, but honestly, the hitting was more to blame for its inconsistencies.  Having a healthy team where a regular lineup can be configured would have helped, but again injuries were the problem.

Carlos Beltran and Luis Castillo returned to the lineup after the All-Star break and Jason Bay suffered a concussion ten days into the second half.  If all three had been in the lineup together for more than a week the team would likely have benefited more from their contributions.  Oliver Perez and John Maine were out of the picture early, but one of the main positives that arose from that was the emergence of RA Dickey.

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