The Los Angeles Dodgers are quickly letting the 2010 season slip away. They have few options for trade bait and haven’t been seriously included in many trade talks.

Perhaps the biggest name on the roster, left fielder Manny Ramirez, is currently sitting out with his third stint on the disabled list this season, diminishing his trade value even more.

It is clear Ramirez is showing his age. At 38, his legs can no longer stand up to the vigorous workout routines and long fly balls encountered by MLB outfielders on a daily basis.

So, the questions remain:

Are there any teams in the American League that would be willing to employ a designated hitter with a $20 million contract?

Even if there is a trade possibility for the slugger, would the Dodgers get players that will contribute significantly to the 2010 campaign?

Here are five teams, in no particular order, that may at least have a remote chance of inquiring about No. 99, and what they have to offer in return.

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