With less than two weeks worth of games left on the Major League Baseball, the playoff picture is becoming clearer…sort of. Only one team has clinched a playoff spot, while three divisions consist of two or more teams that are deadlocked in an epic struggle for division supremacy. The end of the 2010 regular season is as compelling as ever.

What’s most interesting about the season is that there is the potential for no teams to finish with 100 wins. That would be the first time that has happened since 2007, an occurrence that doesn’t come along often. It goes to show how competitive baseball has been throughout both the American League and National League.

The races are firing up for the last time in 2010, so it is time to examine the magic numbers of each division leading team in baseball, and see where all the competitive teams can finish based on the strength of their schedules over the next week and a half. The hunt for October baseball is extremely compelling this year.

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