With September right around the corner, it can only mean one thing in MLB: crunch time.

Though some teams are already definite playoff contenders, others are still fighting for a spot.

I’ll start with how I think the eight playoff spots will be filled.


American League


Nobody will question this: The Texas Rangers are going to the playoffs. Unless they lose every game for the rest of the season and the Oakland A’s win every game, the Rangers will win the AL West.

My Pick: Texas Rangers



Recently, the Chicago White Sox have fallen back a little. Though they are still in a good position to win the division, the Twins aren’t going anywhere. Though the ChiSox are playing good baseball, I think the Minnesota Twins will win the AL Central.

My Pick: Minnesota Twins



Now for the fun one. The winner is not clear yet. The Yankees are still the best team in baseball, but the Rays are right on their tail and September wouldn’t be September without a Red Sox comeback. Though it is hard, I think the Yankees will prevail.

My Pick: New York Yankees


Wild Card

Right now, it seems like the AL wild card winner will be an AL East team. Will it be the Rays or the Red Sox? As unrealistic as it is that the Rays will lose the wild card to the Red Sox, I’ve got to believe that the Red Sox will out duel the Rays in late September to win the AL wild card. (I can see the nasty comments already.)

My Pick: Boston Red Sox


National League


Who thought that the San Diego Padres would be beating the Dodgers, Rockies, and Giants going into September? Nobody. But they are, and they continue to hold a semi-comfortable lead over the San Francisco Giants. Other than the Giants, the rest of the division still has some work to do before they can think about a wild card spot.

My Pick: San Diego Padres



For once, the Cardinals aren’t getting a free pass to the postseason. Unlike previous years, the Cardinals have some competition in the Cincinnati Reds. Though the Reds are winning the division now, I can’t see Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter NOT winning the NL Central.

My Pick: St. Louis Cardinals



A two-team race between the Braves and Phillies. The Phillies are finally healthy, and now with Roy Oswalt and Roy Halladay, they are in a perfect spot to swipe the division from the Atlanta Braves this season.

My Pick: Philadelphia Phillies


Wild Card

The NL wild card race is extremely tight. With all the divisions putting up a strong team, I see the NL West prevailing in this one. The Giants will get hot again. If Tim Lincecum, Barry Zito, and Matt Cain can get hot like they were back in July, and their bats stay hot, the Giants will win the NL wild card.

My Pick: San Francisco Giants


Now for the playoff predictions:


Boston Red Sox v. Texas Rangers

Josh Beckett v. Cliff Lee: Texas Rangers (Series 0-1)

Jon Lester v. C.J. Wilson: Boston Red Sox (Series 1-1)

John Lackey v. Colby Lewis: Texas Rangers (Series 1-2)

Daisuke Matsuzaka v. Tommy Hunter: Texas Rangers (Series 1-3)

My Pick: Rangers beat the Red Sox in four games


New York Yankees v. Minnesota Twins

CC Sabathia v. Scott Baker: New York Yankees (Series 1-0)

A.J. Burnett v. Carl Pavano: Minnesota Twins (Series 1-1)

Andy Pettitte v. Francisco Liriano: New York Yankees (Series 2-1)

Javier Vazquez v. Brian Duensing: Minnesota Twins (Series 2-2)

Phil Hughes v. Nick Blackburn: New York Yankees (Series 3-2)

My Pick: Yankees beat the Twins (again) in five games



San Diego Padres v. Philadelphia Phillies (Three-Man Rotation)

Jon Garland v. Roy Halladay: Philadelphia Phillies (Series 0-1)

Mat Latos v. Cole Hamels: San Diego Padres (Series 1-1)

Kevin Correia v. Roy Oswalt: Philadelphia Phillies (Series 1-2)

Clayton Richard v. Roy Halladay: Philadelphia Phillies (Series 1-3)

My Pick: Phillies beat Padres in four games


San Francisco Giants v. St. Louis Cardinals

Tim Lincecum v. Chris Carpenter: San Francisco Giants (Series 1-0)

Barry Zito v. Adam Wainwright: St. Louis Cardinals (Series 1-1)

Matt Cain v. Jaime Garcia: San Francisco Giants (Series 2-1)

Jonathan Sanchez v. Jake Westbrook: St. Louis Cardinals (Series 2-2)

Madison Bumgarner v. Kyle Lohse: San Francisco Giants (Series 3-2)

My Pick: Giants beat Cardinals in five games



New York Yankees v. Texas Rangers

CC Sabathia v. Cliff Lee: Yankees (Series 1-0)

A.J. Burnett v. C.J. Wilson: Rangers (Series 1-1)

Andy Pettitte v. Colby Lewis: Yankees (Series 2-1)

Javier Vazquez v. Tommy Hunter: Rangers (Series 2-2)

Phil Hughes v. Rich Harden: Rangers (Series 2-3)

CC Sabathia v. Cliff Lee: Rangers (Series 2-4)

My Pick: Rangers beat Yankees in six games



San Francisco Giants v. Philadelphia Phillies (Three-Man Rotation)

Tim Lincecum v. Roy Halladay: Phillies (Series 0-1)

Barry Zito v. Cole Hamels: Giants (Series 1-1)

Matt Cain v. Roy Oswalt: Giants (Series 2-1)

Jonathan Sanchez v. Roy Halladay: Phillies (Series 2-2)

Madison Bumgarner v. Cole Hamels: Phillies (Series 2-3)

Tim Lincecum v. Roy Oswalt: Giants (Series 3-3)

Barry Zito v. Roy Halladay: Phillies (Series 3-4)

My Pick: Phillies beat Giants in seven games

World Series

Texas Rangers v. Philadelphia Phillies (Three-Man Rotation)

Cliff Lee v. Roy Halladay: Phillies (0-1)

C.J. Wilson v. Cole Hamels: Phillies (0-2)

Colby Lewis v. Roy Oswalt: Phillies (0-3)

Tommy Hunter v. Roy Halladay: Phillies (0-4)

My Pick: Phillies beat Rangers in four games


World Series Champions

Philadelphia Phillies

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