The 2010 Home Run Derby competitors are gradually being unveiled, and it should all lead up nicely to the typical, power-packed slugfest.

Thus far, the participants include Miguel Cabrera, Robinson Cano, David Ortiz, Vernon Wells, Corey Hart, and Matt Holliday.

These six certainly represent a great variety of home run hitters but the lineup could stand to take on a little pizazz.

There are a ton of big hitters out there that would fit into the 2010 Home Run Derby very nicely, if not more than some of the official participants.

To spotlight some of the big bats in baseball that are not likely to compete in the contest, here are 10 guys that could easily find success in the Home Run Derby while simply making it even more fun to watch.

This list is not geared toward kicking out the current 2010 competitors or to throw them under the bus. It merely suggests that the incorporation of any of these 10 suggested names would make the contest that much more interesting and fun.

These are also just 10 names out of a lot more. Many more sluggers out there are just as credible Derby competitors.

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