Most experts picked the White Sox to select a college starter with the 13th pick in the MLB draft.

However, no one had them picking Chris Sale, the left-hander out of Florida Gulf Coast University. Sale was widely picked to be gone by the time the Sox took their turn, but he slipped a few picks in an unpredictable draft.

Few college pitchers were as dominant as Sale this season. He had an 11-0 record this year with a 2.10 ERA. What’s even more impressive are his 146 strikeouts to only 14 walks.

By most accounts, Sale has quite a bit of upside. His fastball is consistently above 90 with quality movement and he throws a solid fading changeup. He also has the foundation for a solid breaking ball. With his projectable frame (6’6″ 175), it’s not hard to imagine him throwing even harder when he reaches the majors.

That said, like nearly all prospects, he does have some concerns.

The biggest one is his delivery and what it might mean for his role in the majors. His arm slot is lower than most starters and his delivery is far from pretty (somewhat similar to Randy Johnson). There is some concern that he won’t be able to repeat that delivery enough to be a successful starter.

His development will certainly be something to watch for Sox fans. If things go well, they could have a top of the rotation caliber starter. Even if he doesn’t make major strides, he has a pretty good chance of making an impact in the bullpen.

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