While there is no pitcher with the status and promise of a Stephen Strasburg (or Mike Leake for that matter), there are a few top pitching prospects who could get to the majors, a few rather quickly.

This list is not who has the best curveball or will be drafted highest.

This is about who I believe will have the biggest major league impact.

Some of my draft beliefs you have recently read about in a prior slide show, but here is a recap:

1) All things equal, I would rather stay away from a high school pitcher.

2) College arms who are from major BASEBALL conferences usually are the safest bet.

3) I would always rather go with a guy with good command of his pitches, but throws only in the high 80’s to low 90’s. The guy with mid-to-high 90’s stuff, but has no idea where the pitch is going or what to do on the mound, usually is a wasted pick.

That is why a few guys looked at to be taken very high in this draft are not on the list. They may throw hard and have “great upside,” but they are really not good pitchers.

That includes guys like Chris Sale and Stetson Allie.

That being said, there are a few top high school arms on this list, and right handed high school arms appear to be the deepest part of the 2010 draft.

And when I put down a comparison, it does not mean that the draftee will have that type of career. But means that the pitcher reminds me of that current or former major leaguer or might have the same type stuff.

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