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Of course, I’ll hand pick the good ones. I certainly wouldn’t ask you readers to spend time indulging in something that wasn’t worth your time. 

That being said, here’s what’s turning into a pretty good one on the MLB All Star Rosters. It begins on the topic of snubs:

 Originally Posted by Agent 55 
I will start with Joey Votto (guess he is on the final vote or the NL) no reason for this guy not to be there with 19 homeruns and 57 RBI’s. Also Paul Konerko (although he still has a chance of getting in) 20 Homeruns and close to 60RBI’s.

 Originally Posted by Korrupt 
Like many others, I don’t understand the Omar Infante selection. Granted, he’s having a decent season, but still: there are others who are more worthy….
 Originally Posted by slagonia 
Apparently it had to do with a game-winning single he hit against the Phils. Manuel loved the way Infante played and felt he deserved it.
 Originally Posted by slagonia 
Zimmerman is certainly a snub, and Votto is the biggest one by far, but what I really can’t understand is the lack of Padres on this team.
 Originally Posted by Korrupt 
That sounds a lot like Manuel. The Infante selection makes sense now….

With regards to the Padres situation…that pitching staff in particular got screwed over. They’ve collectively murdered everyone all season, and not a single one makes it? Someone like Evan Meek is somewhat understandable, since he’s the Pirates’ All Star rep, but someone like Arthur Rhodes over a Mat Latos is just wrong.

I’m assuming Joey Votto makes it with the final vote, though it seems fairly evident that Zimmerman should’ve at least made it over Infante….

 Originally Posted by dimsauce 
Actually, I read on ESPN that the league told the 2 managers they needed to have a “utility guy” on the squad. Doesn’t really make sense, and I don’t know why they would do that, but it’s not the managers that are to blame.
 Originally Posted by Korrupt
Can’t really hate on Arthur Rhodes. I like having the middle relievers there, because if you’re playing to win this game and get your league home field in the WS, then you should have a bridge to the closer that is used to being in that situation. And Rhodes nearly set an MLB-record for most consecutive appearances without giving up a run. 15 holds, 1.05 ERA, 0.88 WHIP, 32 K’s in 33 IP.. yeah I’ll take that if I have the lead in the 8th inning.

But really Latos isn’t the only Padre not to get screwed. Clayton Richard, who they got for Peavy, has badly outpitched Peavy and is having an amazing year..

 Originally Posted by Ty 
It’s interesting. Every year we hear about how the fans shouldn’t have the vote that they do because they get it wrong. I don’t really agree with that view point because I always felt the managers and players got it wrong just as often. Anyone remember Jason Varitek making it in a couple years ago? In any event, it seems this year everyone is relatively okay with the fans picks, but not the managers/players.

The starters I think are rather good. The AL is very good. I think you could easily make the argument that Alex Gonzalez of the Blue Jays deserved to be a shortstop if not the starting shortstop over Jeter and Andrus. I would pick Vernon Wells over Ichiro, but that’s not too bad of one.

In the NL, Miguel Olivo and Brian McCann deserved to start over Yadier Molina. The NL outfield is probably the worst part about the starting lineups. Neither Ryan Braun nor Jayson Heyward should have won a spot. Hart, Kemp, Gonzalez, Rasmus, Willingham, and maybe most of all Werth deserved spoting starts over them.

Joey Votto is the most glaring snub obviously, everyone knows it. I have no understanding why MLB would want a utility guy in the lineup. Infante and Wigginton are wasted spots. You have 34 players on each team, you should have enough players to get you by for a game. I’d rather watch a 2008 Dan Uggla out there than Infante.

 Originally Posted by dimsauce 
What’s up with this rule of if you pitch on the Sunday before the ASG, you can’t pitch in the actual game. With injuries, and these rules, there are sooo many players making the game. It is really devaluing calling someone an “All-Star” since it seems like a third of the players are making it these days. Oh well..

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