Once again, the White Sox will not be sending a large delegation to the Mid-summer classic. A few were worthy, but Matt Thornton is the only South Sider headed to Anaheim for the festivities.

    Yes, Paul Konerko is up for the “Final Vote” but disregard that- the Chi Sox have gotten the shaft once again when it comes to the All-Star game.


    This year’s Sox snubs: Alex Rios and Konerko. Let’s look at just what the AL will be missing.


    We’ll start with Rios. He struggled after coming over from Toronto last season but has really found his groove on the South Side this season. He has been the total package for the Sox, posting a stat line of .303 13 HR 45 RBI’s, and 22 stolen bases. He is top three on the team in all of those categories. He has also played strong in the outfield for Ozzie. There is no excuse for him to be left off the roster, especially when you consider some of the players that got the nod over him.


    Jose Bautista may have 21 HR and 52 RBI’s, but he is hitting a measly .236. He is by no means a demon on the base-paths either, stealing only three bags so far. It should take more than hitting a few longballs to make the All-Star team.


    Vernon Wells is the second Blue Jay outfielder to make it over Rios. His totals of .274 19 HR 48 RBI’s and four steals is better than Bautista, but still is not more All-Star worthy than his ex-mate in Toronto.


    Sure every player on the roster can state their case for why they were selected, but the bottom line is simple-no way should both Bautista and Wells been selected over Rios.


    Now for Paulie, the face of the franchise and quiet leader of the clubhouse that has held this team together for years. Konerko is having a career type season in this his contract year. He is hitting .296 with 20 HR and 57 RBI’s so far this year.


    Anyone with stats like that ought to be an All-Star, especially when they’re the face of a franchise like #14 is.


    So who got in instead of the Sox leader? Someone whose star started burning out a few years ago; Red Sox DH David Ortiz. Sure “Big Papi” may be a much bigger celebrity than Konerko ever will, but he was not voted in, but rather selected by AL Manager Joe Girardi, making Paulie’s snub even more ridiculous.


    Ortiz is hitting just .259 with 17 HR and 54 RBI. Paulie’s numbers trump those in each category.    


    Paulie could very well still make it to Anaheim if he wins the “Final Vote” but it shouldn’t have come to this in the first place. Konerko and Rios both deserve to be going.


     Fix the system, Bud.

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