What in the name of Babe Ruth is Jason Heyward doing on the National League All-Star squad? Were the voters drunk when they voted or what?

Did he make the starting team because of his stellar performance? Don’t make me laugh, eh.

Let’s look at his numbers for a minute. Currently, he is ranked 74th in the NL in batting with a .251 mark. That’s impressive, yes?

He is 42nd in the league with 11 HR and 31st in RBI with 45.

He ranks dead last in starting right-fielders in the league in AVG, is in a three-way tie for fifth place in HR, and ranks fifth in RBI. We are talking right-fielders only folks, not all outfielders.

What about those numbers has an All-Star ring to it?

He started out the gate with a full head of steam, hitting a HR and driving in four in his pro debut.

He has been as inconsistent as can be imagined, fluttering between .176 and .300, but has been in a nose-dive since June 10, dropping from .272 daily to his current .251.

His reputation certainly preceded him, as everyone thought he was “all that.” The fans seemed to rush to the MLB sites to cast their vote for the “J-Hay Kid.”

This particular case clearly gives credence to having the voting only for a couple of weeks, maybe in late June. The first few weeks of a season are not nearly enough to allow someone to make a valid decision on the “best of the rest.”

It must be disappointing to a player who has worked his ass off (enter Jonny Gomes) and is finally one of the leaders in the three basic statistics for the outfield.

Heyward has no business whatsoever being associated with the game. He is currently on the DL and I believe should be still on the shelf for the ASG. All that notwithstanding, the man has not earned a place on the squad. It will show in his resume that he made the All-Star team in his rookie year.

Many people, myself included, are crying about the legalized thuggery perpetrated on Joey Votto by voters and Charlie Manuel alike. Even as much as Votto belongs there, I believe that Heyward does not belong there perhaps more.

The entire procedure for selecting an All-Star team needs to be reworked. Fans, by and large, aren’t knowledgeable enough to make educated choices, as the curious case of Jason Heyward illustrates in living color.

If the fans should be able to vote, no more weight should be given to it than say, 25-30 percent.

The game was originally intended to showcase the best players in both leagues, not rookies who have “great prospect” written all over them, or players who usually have good seasons (hi Joe Mauer and Ryan Braun).

Players are pulling out of the game and the HR Derby at an alarming rate. It is getting to be the Midsummer Disgrace instead of Classic.

Bud (Judge Landis wannabe) Selig messed it up a few years ago by allowing the winning league to host the World Series opening game.

So far the only thing that has been done that makes sense is having Arthur Rhodes selected to the National League team.

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