The best players in baseball don’t always make the All-Star teams. It’s a fact of life that we have come to accept.

And yet, each year, we (or at least, I) are shocked by the idiocy of the fan, player, and coach selections. With all of the slumping stars, humdrum homers, and straight-up head-scratchers that end up filling out the rosters, it’s hard not to keep thinking about the deserving players who got left off.

I feel terrible for the players who are sitting in their living rooms this All-Star Break, watching their inferior peers being honored on national TV. So I thought making an All-Star team for them was the least I could do.

In this slideshow are the nine snubbed hitters and two overlooked pitchers who most deserved spots on their respective leagues’ teams. The resulting team isn’t as good as a real All-Star roster, but it’s certainly talented enough to give either league’s squad a run for its money.

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