Yes, I had this exact reaction when I saw the All-Star rosters when they were released on Sunday and I am sure I am not the only person who had the same reaction I did.

I understand that NL manager Charlie Manuel wants versatility in case of injury or if he runs out of players, which is impossible, but seriously why Omar Infante?

There are many players that are more deserving than Infante.

Josh Willingham, Ryan Zimmerman, Jayson Werth, Troy Glaus, Joey Votto, Aubrey Huff, and Dan Uggla are just some people who deserve Infante’s spot.

I think that proves my point and by the way, Willingham is a converted outfielder, as is Werth. Glaus used to play third, Uggla could probably handle another infield position, Votto could play outfield in an emergency, and Huff has made his living as a utility player.

Are you convinced yet that Infante does not deserve a trip to Anaheim? Well, if you are not, here are some more reasons.

Infante has only had 165 at bats this season, at least 40 less than any of the Braves’ regulars. Not to mention he only has one home run and 22 RBI.

Compare that to Huff, the one true utility man out of the group of players listed above, who has hit 15 home runs, driven in 47 runs, and is hitting a solid .288 and is an everyday player in San Francisco.

So, now that you have the facts presented to you, members of the jury I ask you, who should be on that National League roster, because it sure as hell isn’t Omar Infante.

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