On Tuesday night, the city of Anaheim will become relevant again as the top players in the MLB hit the field for the 2010 All-Star Game.

On Wednesday, it will go back to being a city that just added Los Angeles to its name for publicity.

But until then, there are two teams wrestling for something very crucial: home field advantage in the World Series.

While the exhibition may seem trivial to you, players want home field in the World Series as much as the Kardashians want their names in the news.

Well, unless they play for the Cubs. Then they know they aren’t going to the World Series.


Many people think the starters for these games aren’t important because they rarely play more than three innings each. However, many of the recent All-Star games have had runs scored early, so if a team wants a cushion, it will come down to these nine guys.

So who has a chance to make an impact early on?

Note: I chose Marisa Miller to give you all something pretty to look at.

If you’ve watched any of the recent All-Star games, it’s the last thing pretty thing you will see during the break.

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