1.                   New York Yankees 61-34

The Yanks has won three straight and is in the midst of a series with the bottom-dwelling Royals. They won their series with the Rays keeping their top spot in the AL East and are 7-3 in the last ten games. The pinstripe superstars will be without Andy Pettitte and A.J. Burnett for the next few weeks.


2.                   Tampa Bay Rays 57-38

The Rays lost a tough series to the Yankees. They are in a series with the Indians after winning their last game against the Orioles. They are 5-5 in the last ten games.


3.                   Texas Rangers 57-40

Nelson Cruz, Molina, and Josh Hamilton have been on hot streaks since the All-Star break. After destroying the Red Sox they are now tackling the Angles. Don’t be surprised if you see the Rangers in the World Series.They are 7-3 in the last ten games.


4.                   Atlanta Braves 56-40

The Braves are sitting on top of the NL East with the best home record in the NL. They are 5-5 in the last ten games.


5.                   San Diego Padres 56-39

The Padres is the top dog in the NL West and is currently in a series with the pitiful Pirates so they should stay there for the time being.


6.                   Boston Red Sox 55-42

The Rangers handled the Sox at Fenway Park. Beckett is set to return but several other starters are still sitting on the DL.


7.                   St. Louis Cardinals 54-43

The Cards ran through the Dodgers to take first place in the NL Central. But they have since lost two straight to the Cubs leaving them only half a game ahead of the Reds. They are 8-2 in the last ten games.


8.                   Cincinnati Reds 53-44

The Reds are only half a game behind the Cards for the top spot in the NL Central. Like the guys they are chasing they get some easy games against the Astros.


9.                   Chicago White Sox 52-42

Gordon Beckham has stepped up in the last week to help the men in black keep the top spot in the AL Central.


10.               San Francisco Giants 54-43

The Giants are 3.5 games behind the Padres in the NL West. They are 8-2 in the last ten games. “Kung Fu Panda” Pablo Sandoval did well last week hitting .308 with six RBI.


11.               Colorado Rockies 51-45

The Rockies are on a three game losing streak and are in the middle of a series with the Phillies.


12.               Los Angeles Dodgers 51-46

They look to fair better than the Rockies this week, so look for them to nip at the Giants for second place. Manny Ramirez is back on the DL.


13.               Minnesota Twins 51-46

The Twins are in a three-way tight race for first place with the White Sox and Tigers in the AL Central. They will cruise against the worst team in baseball, the Orioles this week.


14.               Detroit Tigers 50-44

The Tigers have won two straight and are only two games behind the White Sox.


15.               Los Angeles Angels 51-47

The Angels have a nice record but unfortunately they are in second place and seven games behind the Rangers.


16.               Philadelphia Phillies 50-46

Ryan Howard has been on fire launching balls into the bleachers. The Phillies are currently battling AL Central’s best, St. Louis Cardinals.


17.               New York Mets 50-47

The Mets have lost four straight before finally getting a win against the Dodgers.


18.               Oakland Athletics 48-47

The Athletics are in a tough series against the first place Rangers so it doesn’t look good for improving their record.


19.               Toronto Blue Jays 48-48

The Blue Jays are 13.5 games behind first place in the AL East. Yunel Escobar was doing terrible when he was wearing a Braves uniform. Now that he is sporting a new jersey, he has hit two home runs already.


20.               Florida Marlins 48-48

The Marlins are eight games behind in the NL East. Hanley Ramirez didn’t do well last week posting only a .174 AVG with four hits in 23 at-bats.


21.               Milwaukee Brewers 45-53

The Brewers are 9.5 games behind the Cards in the NL Central. They have won two straight and are currently in a series against the Nationals. Rickie Weeks hit four home runs last week.


22.               Chicago Cubs 43-53

The Cubs are ten games behind the Cards in the NL Central. They are 6-4 in the last ten games.


23.               Washington Nationals 42-55

The Nationals are in last place in NL East. But everyone has forgotten that with the arrival of Stephen Strasburg who has two wins with a 2.31 ERA.


24.               Kansas City Royals 41-55

Zack Greinke is a fantastic pitcher, yet he is 6-9 for the season. That is what it is like to be on the Royals.


25.               Cleveland Indians 41-55

They are sellers in the second half as they match the Royals’ success this season.


26.               Houston Astros 39-57

The Astros are in a series with the Reds. The Phillies are looking to pick up Roy Oswalt, as the Astros have accepted defeat.


27.               Seattle Mariners 37-59

The Mariners seemed to have made all the right moves in the off-season. Now it looks like none of them panned out.


28.               Arizona Diamondbacks 37-60

The Diamondbacks are in last place in the NL West and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime this season. Justin Upton hit two home runs and went .464 AVG last week.


29.               Pittsburgh Pirates 34-62

The Pirates lost two straight games and are in a series with the Padres.


30.               Baltimore Orioles 31-65

Brian Roberts is finally off the DL. That’s the only good news that the Orioles have had in a year.

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