Fireworks were bursting in the air as we celebrated Independence Day, but they weren’t coming from these players.  Here’s a list of those who slumped the most last week:


1) Kevin Kouzmanoff, Oak. 3B



The “Crushin’ Russian” hasn’t been doing much crushin’ lately as the Oakland third baseman had no hits in 21 at-bats last week.

His fantasy stock has dropped over ten percent in most leagues.  He is hitting .266 with eight home runs with 40 RBI, and 34 runs this season.
2) Justin Smoak, Tex. 1B
Unlike his teammates, Smoak has not been productive, going hitless in 20 at-bats last week. His fantasy hype has gone from fire to smoke.  Smoak’s fantasy ownership dropped around five percent in most leagues.
3) Juan Uribe, SF. IF
California was hot, but Uribe and his teammate Renteria were locked in the freezer.  Uribe managed only one hit in 22 at bats.
4) Adrian Gonzalez, SD 1B

San Diego’s powerhouse went 1-for-19 last week.

There isn’t anything to get worried about, though, as he is hitting .293 with 16 home runs, 52 RBI, and 44 runs this season.
5) Edgar Renteria, SF SS

Renteria had only one hit in 18 at-bats last week.
Renteria started the season hot, but since recently returning from the disabled list he is still trying to find his swing.
He has lost some fantasy ownership since the slump. On the bright side, he didn’t have much fantasy presence since he only has around ten percent ownership in most leagues.
6) Ty Wigginton, Bal. IF
Wiggington went 1-for-24 last week.
About two months ago Wigginton was a hot pick up, but has since seen his fantasy ownership decline.

7) Troy Glaus, Atl. 1B
Glaus was scorching hot for weeks, but it took fantasy owners some time to warm up to the injury prone slugger.
He didn’t make many fantasy owners happy last week, going 1-15, and saw his ownership drop about five percent in most leagues.
8) Rajai Davis, Oak. OF
The speedster from Oakland had one hit in 13 at-bats last week.
Further, his stolen base numbers weren’t enough for fantasy owners to keep him around as his fantasy ownership took a 15 percent plunge in most leagues.
9) Justin Upton, Ari. OF
Upton went 2-for-20 last week, hitting more like his weak-hitting brother B.J.  His fantasy ownership was not affected, however.  

10) Vernon Wells, Tor. OF  


Wells , much like Renteria, started the year grabbing headlines, but had only three hits in 23 at bats last week.
His fantasy ownership was not affected by his latest slump.
Un-honorable Mention
Robinson Cano, NYY OF  3/23 .130 AVG.

Derrek Lee,  ChC 1B   3/23 .130 AVG.


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