The 1989 San Francisco Giants will always be a special team. They were the first Giants squad that I had the rare privilege of watching play in a World Series.

This Giant team had a potent lineup, they could hit for average and power. They featured a good rotation and solid relievers. They also had a repuation for being able to pick it on defense.

With players like Will Clark, Mike Krukow and Candy Maldonado, the 1989 Giants also had some spunk and swagger.

Unfortunately, the Loma Prieta earthquake during the warm-up for Game 3 would be the only excitement for Giants fans in the 1989 World Series.

The Oakland Athletics fielded their own dangerous team in 1989, and met the Giants in the first and only Bay Bridge World Series to date.

Although the Giants were swept by the A’s in four games, this was a team San Francisco fans will always remember fondly.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the players from that 1989 World Series Team, and ask: “Where are they now?”

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