Enough with football. We have three more months of football. We have seven games (hopefully) left in the baseball season. I feel like I am alone on this thought considering the fact that a terrible Jaguars/Titans Monday Night Football match-up drew bigger ratings than a Cliff Lee/Andy Pettitte postseason duel. Are you kidding me? America’s pastime is quickly becoming a thing of the past as football dominates these great states.

For the next 10 days, America, forget football. Okay, don’t forget it, but put it on the backburner. There are plenty of great reasons to give baseball some love before you give it up until April. Here are 16 of them.

1.Underdogs – The Giants reached the postseason on the last day of the regular season, while the Rangers knocked off two favored AL East opponents in route to the club’s first ever World Series appearance. Ask the Yankees and the Phillies. These teams are legit.

2. Feel Good Stories – The Josh Hamilton and Ron Washington stories have been well documented, but what about Aubrey Huff?

Huff, who was mulling retirement after few clubs showed interest in the 33-year-old free agent, signed a one-year deal with the Giants for $3 million in January. After 1,479 career games without ever playing in a postseason game, Huff is finally playing ball in October, and his team-leading 26 homers and 86 RBI’s are a big reason why the Giants are here.

3. Rally Thong – Home runs and RBI’s are not the only things Aubrey Huff brings to the table in San Fran. Huff began wearing a red thong in late August, and the Giants went on to win 20 of their last 30 to catch the Padres and win the NL West. Forget the rally monkey; the thong is where it’s at.

4. Brian Wilson Interviews – The best postgame interview in sports. Please, if you havn’t checked out any Giants games yet, take eight minutes out of your day to watch this interview on Rome Is Burning, and I guarantee that you will at least watch every postgame show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yf0j1rmZVbM&feature=related

5. Brian Wilson’s Beard – Maybe the one thing that is more awesome than Wilson’s orange cleats. This dyed jet-black beard is fiercer than Wilson’s ninth inning fastball.

6. Miami Heat – We all got to see the “Miami Thrice” on national television Tuesday. Now let’s get back to baseball.

7. Fountain of Youth – Two of this postseason’s biggest stars have a combined age of 45-years-old. That is three years younger than the oldest player in the game, Jamie Moyer. Elvis Andrus, 22, and Buster Posey, 23, are two big reasons why their respective clubs are in the Fall Classic.

8. Cliff Lee – Ever heard of him? Lee has been remarkable this postseason, going 3-0 with a 0.75 ERA while recording 34 strikeouts to only two walks. Lee will start game 1 tonight for Texas as the man he was traded for this offseason, Roy Halladay, sits on his couch at home watching it on TV.

9. Tim Lincecum – The Freak, The Franchise, Big Time Timmy Jim, whatever you want to call him, the two-time Cy Young winner is the man in San Francisco and is relishing his first ever postseason appearance. In his first career postseason game in the NLDS versus Atlanta, Lincecum pitched a complete game two-hitter while recording a freakish 14 K’s.

10. W. – Yep, that W. George Walker Bush will be in our living rooms once again, as the former Texas Rangers owner is still an avid baseball fan. George will take Rudy Guliani’s spot behind the on-deck circle next to new owner and President Nolan Ryan.

11. Joe Buck – If Joe Buck is choosing baseball over football, shouldn’t you?

12. Another Molina Ring – Bengie Molina will try to win the fifth World Series ring for the Molina family in the past nine years. Actually, he won’t try, he will. Bengie Molina is guaranteed a World Series ring, as he was traded from San Francisco to Texas at midseason. Don’t say he didn’t earn it either. Remember, the Giants made the postseason on the final day of the regular season, so Molina’s play during the first three months of the season in San Fran is absolutely ring-worthy.

13. Widespread Panic – As in, the band. Fox plays the rockin’ jams of this southern rock band at the end of each half inning as they go to commercial. This blows any type of theme music football games have out of the water.

14. Day Games – The first three games of this year’s World Series will all begin under the sun. Games 1 and 2 will begin at 5:00 p.m. local time, and game 3 is set for 5:30 local time. We’ll finally see baseball weather in the Fall Classic. This is a great change from the usual late-night cold weather games in the northeast. Finally, a good move by Bud Selig.

15. Cody Ross – Who? For all of you “playoffs only” bandwagon baseball fans, even you should know the Giants’ RF. Ross is not only hitting .324 with four dingers this postseason, but the NLCS MVP took the amazing Doc Halladay deep twice in one game.

16. The Claw – Forget a stupid endzone dance that we have all seen before, and if not will draw a flag Cowboys style, this celebration is unique and involves the whole team. The Rangers adopted not only “the claw” but “the antlers” during the middle of the season as a way to high-five baserunners from the dugout. The bigger the hit, the more dramatic the claw.


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