“Hating the New York Yankees is as American as apple pie, unwed mothers, and cheating on your income tax.” —Chicago newspaper columnist Mike Royko

Face it. If you aren’t a Yankees fan, then there will always be a sense, some sort of cognizance of hate towards them. Whether you are an extremist, hoping at all costs that the Yanks lose, or simply not a fan of them, everybody has had the feeling that they are sick of the Yankees.

For me, I have never hated  the Bombers. But, being a baseball fan, it’s hard to root for them in spite of all their success.

The Yankees and Boston Red Sox would make a good movie, “Neighbors Gone Bad.”

That because fans of one loathe, hate, abhor, and are appalled by their sworn enemy. In Beantown and the Big Apple, there is no fence-sitting—you either root for one, or don’t care at all.

We all know that the Yankees are the most hated sports team in America. Here is a list of the 10 main reasons why people love to hate them.

1. 27 World Championships

The Yankees have appeared in 38 percent of the World Series, winning 27 of them, or about 26 percent. The nearest franchise to them is St. Louis, far behind with 10 titles. Watching the Yankees win title after title can grow as old as watching paint dry.

People hate the Yankees for winning, and winning, and winning—it seems like it’s all they ever do. Having the Bronx Bombers as favorites year after year grows old, as well. This is especially painful to fans of teams that have not experienced a World Series title.

2. The “Yankee Mystique”

From 1998 to 2001, New York went 9-0 at home during the World Series. Some claimed about a “Yankee mystique” that surrounded them, and pushed them to victory. While it is undeniable that playing at Yankee Stadium does give New York an advantage, many people don’t believe there is anything mysterious about playing there in October.

This, however, was furthered in the 2001 World Series. After a one-run victory in Game Three, the Yankees were down 3-1 with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, when Tino Martinez hit a game-tying homer. Derek Jeter won it with an opposite field homer in the 10th.

The same process repeated itself in Game Five, a tying home run with two out, followed by a winner in extra innings. No other team has had quite the amount of events happen in their ballpark that the Yankees have had.

3. Teams Hate to Play Them

Fans of American League teams do not enjoy playing New York, for the majority.

At home, the crowd will not be as partisan with Yankee supporters scattered across the bleachers. Along with this, they are good. Their pitching, hitting, fielding, and base-running consistently beat their opponents.

As an opposing fan, the Yankees are the last team that you want beating you. Unfortunately, this is what goes down.

4. The Boss

As much as Yankee haters dislike the team itself, the man formerly in charge was despised even more. Not only did George Steinbrenner spend as much money as it took to win, but struck controversy amidst the team.

His facial hair rule often created problems. Players such as Don Mattingly, Thurman Munson, Roy White, and Goose Gossage all were ordered to shave their facial hair. When Mattingly refused, he was benched.

Steinbrenner was known for his in-game managerial decisions made from the owner’s box. He was given the nickname “Manager George” for these moves.

Many never liked Steinbrenner’s demeanor, his insults, controversy, or hands-on owning, but there is no denying that the Yankees won have won seven titles during his reign.

5. All the Attention

It seems that you can’t go channel surfing through the sports networks for 15 minutes without hearing about the Yankees.

Coming out of New York, and with a wide fan base, the Yanks are constantly the talk of the sports world, whether it be over a new signing, trade, or game recap. The vast New York City media undoubtedly contributes to all this.

Fans get tired of all the national attention given to the Yankees. It sometimes can get to a point when we baseball fans want highlights from other teams, as well. This adds to why people hate the Yankees.

6. The Big Apple

Who doesn’t love the NYC?

Apparently, some people don’t. They see that the Yankees play in the city, thus it can’t be that great. The glitz and glamour there is unlike in any other city in the world.

How many other cities have songs written about them (no, little towns in Mississippi don’t count)? The Big Apple has seemingly all the world’s components wrapped into one huge metropolitan area, and a perennially winning baseball club gives the city even more.

7. 2009

Nearly a decade passed without seeing the New York Yankees winning a World Series. Almost.

If that had happened, we all might as well cry blasphemy on the baseball gods because the endowed Yankees must win a championship, right?

Well, the gods still find pleasure in watching the Yanks win. In 2009, they won World Series No. 27, a 4-2 series win over the Philadelphia Phillies.

Just as fans were beginning to forget about their hatred toward the Yankees, because they were slowly becoming average, BOOM!, they were back on top.

Their championship renewed many people’s hate toward the Yankees, including my mother’s, who couldn’t stand to watch any of the World Series. As the series ended, America collectively uttered, “NOT AGAIN!”

8. Pinstripes

There is something prestigious and dignifying about the white with black pinstripes that the Yankees sport. While other teams have pinstripe uniforms, these are the Yanks’ home uniforms. There comes talk about how spectacular the pinstripes are; their classy look representing the Yankees.

This is the antithesis of those who despise the team. Pinstripes are just another way for them to pull themselves away from the pack, and stand out in the league. No other team’s jersey has as much history as the Yankees, but  those who don’t like them consider that talk wish-wash.  

9. The Empire

There is more to the Yankees than the team. The organization is the empire of the baseball world. They dominate revenue, pay roll, and championships. They can afford to put tickets at high prices, because it is assured that fans will come out night after night.

The Yankees are the epitome of a large-market team. The small-market teams don’t even compare to the size and power of the Yankees.

They have built an empire in baseball that they are well aware of, and make it known to the league in multiple ways. The big businessmen are the ones running the Yankees. What the Yankees do garners much more attention than what any other organization does.

10. Shopping Spree


That is how much the Yankees will spend in 2010 on player salaries, not including player bonuses for performance. To put this is perspective, the division-leading Tampa Bay Rays spent about $70 million on salaries.

That’s right. This year, New York will spend triple the amount that the Rays do. The Yankees can afford the big players that the Rays, or any other small-market team cannot.

Look at the names on the Yanks: Mark Teixera, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, CC Sabathia, AJ Burnett, Javier Vazquez, Curtis Granderson, Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada, Joba Chamberlain.

How many other teams can afford all of these players? Nine players on the Yankees will make over $10 million in 2010. Besides Boston, no other team could possibly afford this.

The Yankees’ unlimited spending spree agitates numerous fans, including me.

While most teams are limited to one big-name free agent and other smaller ones, New York does not stop at one.

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