April is the easiest month of the year in the baseball season to overreact to. All the stats are going to move up and down at a rapid-fire pace because players are just beginning to accrue at-bats and innings. 

Last year, there was a panic about Albert Pujols because he went an entire month without hitting a home run and hitting like Luis Mendoza. He wound up finishing with 30 home runs and 105 RBI, not a bad season for a player who was done because of a poor April. 

So even as we look at teams struggling out of the gate, you have to remember not to push the panic button. Baseball is a game of peaks and valleys, but the key is to limit the former and extend the latter. 

With roughly 140 games remaining for all 30 teams, a lot of things can and will change over the next five months. But there are a few warning signals that some things might not go exactly as planned for some teams. 

Here is a look at the clubs with at least one big concern coming into the year that appears to be coming true. 

Note: All stats courtesy of Baseball-Reference.com unless otherwise noted.

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