If baseball is America’s favorite pastime, our second-favorite pastime might be predicting which players are going to be breakout stars in a new season.

Sometimes, we’re right on the money with our predictions. But other times…well, other times it seems we might have spoken too soon.

If you want an example of how the latter can happen, here’s some good news: I have 10 of them.

Ahead of you is a countdown of 10 perceived breakout players who aren’t living up to the hype early in 2015. There are a lot more than 10 such players out there, of course, but this list will focus on guys who were (1) arguably undeserving of the hype to begin with and (2) have accumulated enough playing time in the season’s first month to prove as much.

Rather than proceed in order of which players have been the biggest busts, we’ll go in order of which players came into the season with the most hype. Step into the box whenever you’re ready.

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