Put a whole bunch of Major League Baseball executives and player agents in one place for a few days, and there’s bound to be action.

Yup, it’s time to start looking forward to the winter meetings. The offseason has already produced its share of impact trades and free-agent signings, and there ought to be a few more in San Diego next week.

Naturally, that’s our cue to see if we can predict some of them.

Ahead of you are 10 impact deals that could be pulled off next week. Note that “during” is the key word here, as a few deals are more likely to happen after or before the winter meetings.

For example, Max Scherzer is probably going to sign well after the winter meetings, while there’s strong speculation that Andrew Miller and Jon Lester could sign before. Assuming they do, the fallout of their signings is a good place to start the predictions…

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