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Not So Fast: Five Reasons Why The Phillies Will Make the Postseason

Just a few weeks ago I was reading articles on why the Phillies season was done. Now, they were very well written, but the authors seemed to be jumping the gun on the Phillies’ season. The Phillies seem to be bouncing back even with their injury ridden lineup, winning eight of their last ten games.

Now only two games behind the Atlanta Braves, who appear to be in quite a slump, going four and six in there last 10 games, and not showing too many signs of improvement.

These are five reasons why the Phillies will make yet another post-season appearance.

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Ranking the 10 Best Shortstops in the NL

I have been watching much more baseball in the 2010 season then I have in any other year. This really should be a sin of the highest degree considering I call myself a Phillies fan, and all I watched was their 2 World Series runs, previous to this year.

The reason I choose to write on the topic of shortstops is it seems to be the most argued on and most talked about position. Aside from the few perfect games that have been pitched, but generally speaking, this is a very heated topic. From the many games I have watched this season, this is the collection of players that I believe have stood out among others at the shortstop position.

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