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MLB Trade Rumors: Prince Fielder and 10 Stars Who Could Still Be Traded

Another front-line starter moved teams Sunday, adding fuel to the fire that will hit a full-on burn this week with the MLB trade deadline set for Saturday.

The Los Angeles Angels swooped in and stole Dan Haren out from under the East Coast suitors like the Phillies and Yankees.

Now Haren, among the National League leaders in strikeouts even in the midst of a comparatively off year with the struggling Diamondbacks, will solidify an Angels staff trying to close a seven-game gap against the Texas Rangers.

The A.L. West has owned the headlines thus far when it comes to big trades, with Cliff Lee landing in Texas.

With another big name off the wish list, who’s the most likely players to move over the next week and where are they going?

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Bob Uecker Returns to Booth: His Top TV Moments

He’s one of the great voices of baseball, but Bob Uecker’s popularity goes way beyond the booth.

He and the rest of us learned just how beloved the Brewers radio man is when Uecker announced he would need a leave of absence to have open heart surgery.

After nearly a three-month hiatus from the microphone, Uecker returns to the booth for tonight’s Brewers game. It’s still unknown if he’ll keep a full schedule or travel with the team.

In honor of his return, we figured what better time than to relive some of the moments that have made Uecker a legend.

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MLB Trade Rumors: The Latest on Roy Oswalt, Prince Fielder and More

There are 12 days until the Major League Baseball trade deadline, and the needs and wants of teams are changing daily.

The Yankees thought they might be all good without another starting pitcher Saturday, but that all changed when Andy Pettitte went down in the early stages of Sunday’s start.

Who are the hot commodities heading down the stretch, and who are the contenders?

Let’s take a look at the latest trade rumors.

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MLB Trade Rumors: 10 Trades No One’s Talking About

That didn’t take long.

Just hours after the 2010 MLB All-Star Game finished, the Toronto Blue Jays and Atlanta Braves made a swap that involves Yunel Escobar going to Canada and Alex Gonzalez taking over short in Atlanta.

With two more players off our list, here are a few that are likely to move in the next two weeks who may not be getting the same attention Cliff Lee was just one week ago.

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George Steinbrenner Dead: The Boss’ 25 Most Memorable Yankees Moments

It’s hard to sum up the history of arguably the most influential sports figure of the last 50 years, but we’ll give it a try.

It’s hard to believe that George Steinbrenner once thought he’d be a meek and hands-off owner.

Some would say he was a meddling micromanager that ultimately hurt himself more than he helped.

You can’t argue with the results. Steinbrenner returned a once-great franchise to glory and became a billionaire in the process.

He promised winning and delivered by demanding it of every member of the Yankees organization.

His passing today has us all reflecting on one of the wildest rides in the history of sports ownership.

Here are 25 of his more memorable moments as The Boss.

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Joel Zumaya Injury Video: Detroit Tigers Pitcher Suffers Awful Injury

The injury plague that has ruled Detroit Tigers pitcher Joel Zumaya’s career struck again Monday night.

The reliever threw a pitch with one out in the eighth inning that Minnesota Twins outfielder Delmon Young fouled off.

Zumaya’s right arm went limp after the pitch and he fell to the ground, writhing in pain. His right thumb shook as trainers examined him.

The video shows a pitcher in so much pain he can barely walk off the field.

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New York Yankees Ban Lady Gaga from Clubhouse?

The current “Queen of Pop” is turning into a baseball-addicted version of Amy Winehouse in New York.

First, she gave the crowd the finger at a Mets game 10 days ago.

Saturday, she showed up for the Subway Series and talked her way into the clubhouse after the game.

The impromptu “performance” in a half-buttoned Yankees jersey, bikini top, thong, and fishnet stockings apparently riled up the Yankees brass pretty good.

Did Gaga get herself kicked out of the Yankees clubhouse forever?

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Mark McGwire’s Wife Pics: Meet the Woman Who Delivered His Triplets

We have to check the record books, but Cardinals hitting coach Mark McGwire may have just hit his first triple ever.

McGwire has been away from the team for a couple games to be with wife, Stephanie, who just gave birth to triplet girls.

So who is this magnificent woman that has an Allison Stokke existence on the Web?

One thing we know: with photos this magnificent, it’s a crying shame there’s not more shots of her out there.

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The 10 Worst Hairy Faces in Major League Baseball Today

It’s almost a ritual in baseball.

From Al Hrabosky to Dennis Eckersley to Rollie Fingers, facial hair has been part of the charm of the game.

A large part of it might be that baseball players play everyday. Who wants to shave everyday. So one day leads to two, two to three and pretty soon, you have a fu manchu.

Baseball players have plenty of time on their hands, too.

The Tigers were bored between doubleheaders so they decided to give themselves Mohawks as a sign of unity.

There’s guys that know how to do the facial hair and then there’s just being way out there.

Who’s got the worst facial hair in baseball today?

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Bling Bling: Ranking the Last Decade of World Series Rings

Some of them actually look like something you could wear. Some are designed to be more of a trophy than a piece of jewelry.

The World Series ring is a way for the winning team to commemorate a historic season, usually accented with the flair and penache of the team’s owner.

These rings have gone up expotentially in value over the last two decades, with each team trying to do outdo the last.

How did each team do with that? The last decade of rings range from gaudy to blingalicious.

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