Olerud, Alfonzo, Ordonez, Ventura.

The 1999 Met infield, known as “The Greatest Infield Ever.” 11 years later, they still hold that title, but in the next few years, I prepare for a change of pace.

Davis, Tejada, Reyes, Wright.

Ike Davis is one of the best rookies in the league right now, and can only get better.

He’s had only four errors in 66 games, and he’s started in 64 of them. After Daniel Murphy got Wally Pipped, Davis should be a staple in this organization for years to come.

Ruben Tejada has shown a lot at the plate, but to me even more in the field.

With just 2 errors in 22 games, he’s been stellar in the field, making play after play. He’s a young stud out of Panama, and with Castillo rising in age, he should develop into an everyday second baseman, and depending on what the Mets do with Pagan, a decent two hitter.

Jose Reyes has made monumental improvements at shortstop in the last few years.

He’s got one of the best arms in the game at his position, and has improved his range so much. As a young player he showed shades of being a headcase, but in recent years he’s seemed to settle down a little, knowing the situation, and doing the little things to try to win. At shortstop he’s been thinking proactively as opposed to reactively, always thinking of the next play. He’s got potential to become one of the best shortstops in the game.

David Wright has always been a stud at the hot corner, making great plays left and right his whole career.

His arm is unreliable at times, but it has made improvements. Every year he’s an All-Star not only for what he does at the plate but for what he does in the field. He’s an elite third baseman, who should be a great for years to come.

Basically, once Tejada and Davis get older and have the mental approach to the game that Wright and Reyes have, this infield could potentially be the best ever.

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