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Report: Philadelphia Phillies’ Slugger Ryan Howard Sprains Right Ankle

Things just couldn’t get worse for the Philadelphia Phillies.

First, after landing the best player on the trade deadline market in Roy Oswalt, he struggled in his debut against a terrible team in the Washington Nationals. It was not a good sight to see, as Washington marched to an 8-1 victory.

Then, entering a game against the Nats again, it seemed that Philly would win and shake off that loss they suffered from.

They didn’t. The Nationals won again.

And now, the team’s best player and slugger in Ryan Howard left today’s game with a sprained right ankle. Oh Lord, please help our beloved Phillies!

Howard was injured after a throw by Washington’s right fielder Michael Morse. Howard tried immediately to scramble back to second base, sprained his ankle, and had to be helped off the field by manager Charlie Manuel and a team trainer.

Things couldn’t get worse for Howard.

He is currently on a slump as he has been oh-for-14. That is not a good sign.

Along with that, he just had his X-Rays and they did not turn out that good. He had X-Rays on his ankle, and it turned out negative.

He also had to have X-Rays on his elbow, too, after getting hit by a pitch from John Lannan. The results on his elbow were negative as well.

Howard has been hitting .292 with 23 home runs. He also has 81 RBI. Hopefully he can recover soon so he can start slugging away again.

Right now, the Phils are a pretty banged up squad.

Second baseman Chase Utley has a sprained right thumb and center fielder Shane Victorino has a abdominal strain. Both are on the disabled list. Along with that, Raul Ibanez has a sore left wrist after trying to dive for the ball in last night’s game against Washington.

Hopefully everything will get recovered soon.


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Roy Oswalt to Make Phillies’ Debut Against Washington Nationals Tonight

Things couldn’t get better for the Philadelphia Phillies.

They just landed the best pitcher on the trade deadline market in Roy Oswalt. And now they have a nice saying for their farm system: Two Roy’s are better than one!

Ruben Amaro Jr. continues to make some solid trades and finally made another great one.

It all started when he traded for Cliff Lee in last year’s trade deadline. Lee performed well and helped the Phillies land a spot in the World Series against the New York Yankees. Sadly, the Yanks won to get their 27th World Series title.

Then the offseason came, and Roy Halladay was available. He traded Lee to the Seattle Mariners for the best pitcher in baseball. So far, the Phils have not been let down or unsatisfied.

Halladay has pitched well, including that perfect game he had earlier in the season.

The Phils are also coming off a great win against the St. Louis Cardinals, winning their eighth straight game along with their eleventh straight at home.

And what could make things better as they face a bad team where their star pitcher can perform well in? I think Oswalt can get a no-hitter in his debut with Philly.

Okay, yeah, you’re right.

I’m taking it too far right there.

But, if you haven’t noticed, things couldn’t get better for Roy Oswalt either.

He was the best pitcher and player on the trade deadline market, and many teams wanted to go after him.

And now he went from joining a bad team like the Houston Astros to the hottest team in the league with the Philadelphia Phillies.

The Phillies can now easily pass the Atlanta Braves in the National League East division if they can keep their consistency going.

Oswalt can also fix his ERA along with that 6-12 record during the rest of the 60 games of the season. Then, once the playoffs hit, we might see Oswalt getting real hot.

But let’s start it off slow with the Washington Nationals. I say the Phils win today’s game as well as this series. What do you think?

The only thing that could make this better is if Stephen Strasburg were starting tonight.

Enjoy tonight’s game!

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MLB Rumors: Cliff Lee Coming Back to Phillies, Pedro Martinez, and More

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Will he be staying in Texas, but don a Rangers cap?

Is Kosuke Fukudome getting traded by his Chicago Cubs?

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MLB Rumor Mill: Roy Oswalt To the Yankees or Nationals, and More

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MLB Rumor Mill: Prince Fielder Getting Traded? Derrek Lee To the Angels?

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So here I am, back with the MLB Rumors. And that brings me to another thing: I haven’t written an MLB article for a long time, too. Jeez.

Oh well, here is my first MLB Rumors and just any MLB article since I fell off my dinosaur (kinda corny, I know).

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