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Ike Davis vs. Buster Posey: Who Will Go On to Have a Better Career?

2010 has become the year of the rookie in major league baseball. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to recall a single year that provided such a wealth of freshman talent.

The Mets Ike Davis and the Giants Buster Posey are two of the most promising talents in the 2010 rookie class. Both have gotten off to tremendous starts to their careers, and both are likely to enjoy lengthy and successful careers in the big leagues.

However, as always, the thirst to compare one talent to another drives us to take a closer look at both young stars in order to determine which will go on to have the better big league career.

We will take a look at both players ability to hit, ability to defend, and the intangibles that make good players great, and ultimately come to a verdict about which youngster will be a bigger star.

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2010 MLB All-Star Game: Nine All-Stars Who Owe Their Managers One

Each year, one question rises to the surface following the announcement of the American and National League rosters for the Major League Baseball All-Star Game: who got snubbed by the All-Star managers?

Today, I take a look at the other side of the coin. Since 2000, a number of players have been selected by their own managers as All-Star managers, despite the fact that they were having less-than-spectacular seasons.

Here are 10 All Stars Who Owe their Managers One.

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What If MLB Followed the NHL’s Lead?: The 2010 Latin American All-Star

What if MLB followed the NHL’s lead and set-up its All-Star game using the North America vs. the World format…or in baseball’s case Latin America vs. the World?

As baseball’s reach extends further throughout the world, the idea of Latin American competing with the best from around the globe seems increasingly likely.

Could Latin America hold it’s own against the best from the United States, Japan, Canada, and anywhere else in between? In one word; certainly.

It won’t happen, at least this year, but let’s take a look at what the 2010 Latin American All-Stars might look like.

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The 10 Best Home Run Celebrations in Baseball History

Home run celebrations have evolved greatly over the years.

There was a time when if you did anything but immediately put your head down and quickly make your way to first base you’d end up with a baseball in your ear during your next at bat.

However, as society, and in turn baseball players, has become less conservative and more flashy, so have the reactions to one of sports most exciting moments.

Some of the 10 best home run celebrations in baseball history are the work of some of the sport’s flashier talents, while some left their mark for their creativity, and some are simply the product of some of the most important moments in baseball history.

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2010 MLB Amateur Draft: The Top 10 Hitting Prospects Available

The 2010 Major League Baseball Amateur Draft is just days away, and coming off of a year’s worth of hype thanks to Stephen Strasburg, the draft has never been more popular.

While there may not be another Stephen Strasburg available in 2010, there is a promising group of young prospects available, including one young man being billed as the best power prospect to ever enter the draft.

Major League Baseball’s draft still does not hold the same fanfare as the NFL or NBA’s drafts, but it does serve the same function; to determine which clubs the stars of tomorrow will shine for.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 hitting prospects available in Monday’s 2010 MLB Amateur Draft.

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2010 AL All-Stars: Who Really Deserves To Represent the AL in Anaheim?

Imagine if fans cast their All Star votes with the intention of actually picking the most deserving players.

How would things be different?

The All Star game has become a popularity contest. It’s not about which player is having the best season, but instead which player has the best known name.

That’s why I offer you, my 2010 April/May American League All Star starters free of bias, and based on what should matter–who is having the best season.

Elvis Andrus, this one’s for you!

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Ten Reasons Why Andre Ethier Won’t Win the Triple Crown in 2010

Carl Yastrzemski
Frank Robinson
Mickey Mantle
Ted Williams
Joe Medwick
Lou Gehrig
Jimmie Foxx
Chuck Klein
Rogers Hornsby

Andre Ethier?

The first nine names on this list are those of the men who have won the Triple Crown since the end of the Dead-ball Era.

The tenth is the name of one of baseball’s best and brightest young sluggers to emerge in some time.

But does Andre Ethier have what it takes to add his name to the list of baseball legends who succeeded in achieving perhaps baseball’s most difficult accomplishment?

Simply stated, the answer is no. Andre Ethier is a great player, but he will not win the Triple Crown in 2010.

Here’s why.

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Second Bananas: Power Ranking the World Series Losers of the 2000s

Ah…what could have been?

This season marks the start of a new decade in Major League Baseball history, and who doesn’t enjoy taking a look back at what was—or in this case, what almost was?

Losing in the World Series is one of the most bittersweet accomplishments in sports.

On one hand, it’s hard to ignore the fact that it is a huge accomplishment and that it signifies a successful season.

On the other hand, it’s a tough pill to swallow. Getting that close to living out a dream, then having to watch someone else celebrate is simply heart-breaking.

Which of the World Series losers of the 2000s do you think was the greatest?

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Doc Halladay and the Much-Too-Early 2010 NL All-Stars

I know what you’re thinking.

“All Stars? It’s only the beginning of May!”

Well, believe it or not, All Star voting is well underway. MLB opened the ballots for this year’s game in Anaheim on April 20th, the earliest in the league’s history!

Before you fill out your ballot, let me show you who I think should represent the National League in this summer’s showdown with the American League.

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