It’s a tough time right now in New York for the Mets. Low attendance, financial problems and injured players have hurt this team for a couple of years and it hasn’t shown any signs of letting up. One more thing. The one bright spot for this team could be gone in a few months.

Jose Reyes has had a good career so far. His play has made him a fan favorite in New York. He brings energy to the team and the fans when he is playing. There is no doubt that he is one of the most exciting players in the game.

But all of this could leave New York and move somewhere else in a matter of weeks. Reyes’s contract will expire at the end of the year. If he is not traded, it is almost certain that he will leave New York. It is being said that he wants “Carl Crawford-type money” and this doesn’t fit the Mets situation. With Reyes’s injury, one would think his value would go down. But with his amazing play this year, his value has gone up from what it was.

Reyes could be one of the biggest free agents in the upcoming offseason. Many teams would be interested in an All-Star player that is entering the prime of his career. Reyes is the type of player that can make a team go from a good team to a great team.

One problem with Reyes leaving New York is it could have a devastating impact. Reyes has been a fan favorite ever since he was brought to the organization in 2003. Trading him or letting him walk could ruin this team for years. An already low attendance begins to drop even more.

Wins start to become rarer and losses become an almost everyday occurrence. More and more fans stop supporting the team. Less and less money to spend. If this sounds like an apocalyptic scenario, it is. This could be a decision that could make or break the franchise. That’s the type of impact that Reyes has to this team. It has been shown that when Reyes is in the lineup for the Mets, they win many more games then when he is out.

Now let’s flip the coin and look at what could happen if he were to stay.

If Reyes stayed with this team, it would give the Mets a cornerstone player to build around. Financial problems would most likely still be there, but if the team wins, they will draw more fans. Fan support improves and fans are excited that the Mets kept the fan-favorite Reyes.

Put that together with good drafts and possible free agent signings and you have yourself a possible contender. Right now, the Mets need something exciting for their team. Reyes brings excitement every time he is on the field. It would only make sense for them to resign him. The Mets will at least offer him an extension, but will it be enough?

Every team in baseball would have interest in Reyes. He is a player that draws fans to games and can carry a team on his back for a good length of time. But honestly, I don’t think it will or even could be done. I hope I am wrong. So what will happen with Reyes? We will all find out in the upcoming months.

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