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Phillies Rookie Aaron Altherr Hits Inside-the-Park Grand Slam vs. Nationals

Philadelphia Phillies left fielder Aaron Altherr may only be a rookie, but he certainly made a name for himself Friday night against the Washington Nationals

During the top of the third inning with the bases loaded, the 24-year-old Altherr hit a liner to center field off pitcher Jordan Zimmermann. Nationals outfielder Michael Taylor attempted to make a highlight-reel diving catch but failed. The ball rolled back to the center field wall, allowing Altherr to clear the bases and book it home. 

We haven’t seen anything like this since 1999.

Altherr also hit a solo home run in the fifth inning. The Phillies went on to win, 8-2. 


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Vin Scully Honors Late Yogi Berra with Touching Tribute

Baseball great Yogi Berra died September 22 at the age of 90. As the baseball world reacted to the terrible news, legendary announcer Vin Scully gave a touching tribute to the 10-time World Series champion before the Los Angeles Dodgers game Wednesday night. 

Scully also noted that Dodgers manager Don Mattingly, who normally wears a blue pullover during games, was wearing No. 8 in honor of one of the greatest characters of the game. 

“As long as people talk about the game, whenever they mention the name Yogi Berra, they will smile because he was that kind of a human being.”


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Houston Astros Slugger Evan Gattis Hits Unreal One-Handed Home Run vs. Rangers

That man is STRONG. 

Houston Astros DH Evan Gattis was the lone shining light in his team’s 14-3 loss against the Texas Rangers on Wednesday night. 

In the top of the eighth inning, the big man crushed a two-run home run off pitcher Andrew Faulkner. However, this wasn’t your run-of-the-mill home run. Gattis only needed one hand. 

Yeah. We know.

The 29-year-old seemed to lose his grip while swinging, resulting in one arm doing all of the work. Safe to say he worked out his forearms during the offseason. 

Here’s another look, because why not?

[MLB, Vine]

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Yadier Molina Doesn’t Know Own Strength, Snaps Bat While Tapping Home Plate

St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina is apparently pretty strong, and he doesn’t even know it.

During a game against the Chicago Cubs on Wednesday afternoon, Molina broke his bat while “tapping” home plate.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The unusual event went down in the bottom of the seventh inning after Yadi fouled off a pitch from Cubs pitcher Jon Lester, apparently cracking his bat. While getting ready for the next pitch, Molina snapped his bat when he hit home plate with it. All he could do was smile as he picked up the other half of the bat in awe.

The Cardinals ended up winning, 4-3.


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Young Royals Fan Goes Full George Costanza, Eats Ice Cream the Right Way

A young Kansas City Royals fan channeled his inner George Costanza while enjoying some ice cream Tuesday night.

During the Royals’ game against the Detroit Tigers, cameras caught up with the young fan eating ice cream the way it should be eaten: with no regrets.

The young kid had the delicious dessert all over his face with not a care in the world. That’s what you call living, folks.

Just to refresh your memory, Costanza had a similar situation occur during an episode of the legendary show Seinfeld.

The Royals fell 6-5, but this kid probably still left with a smile on his face.

[MLB, YouTube]

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Texas Rangers Speedster Elvis Andrus Steals Home vs. Padres

Elvis Andrus…that man is fast.

The Texas Rangers speedster stole home like it was routine during the team’s contest against the San Diego Padres on Tuesday night.

Andrus was eyeing Padres pitcher Kevin Quackenbush before he jetted home to give the Rangers an 8-4 lead in the top of the seventh inning. It appeared Quackenbush was in deep thought during his windup, giving Andrus a humongous head start. After Quackenbush realized what was happening, his throw was just a bit off, leaving Andrus safe at the plate.

The Rangers hadn’t seen a straight steal of home in a while, as the last time it happened, the movie Gladiator was in theaters.

The Rangers held on to win, 8-6. 

[MLB, h/t CBS Sports, Twitter]

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Young Giants Fan Can’t Believe He Didn’t Catch Foul Ball

A young San Francisco Giants fan was shocked he didn’t grab a foul ball that came his way during the team’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals on Saturday. 

In the bottom of the fourth inning, Gregor Blanco of the Giants smacked a foul ball into the stands. The young fan failed to make the catch, leaving the group behind him grabbing for the souvenir. The kid couldn’t believe it, putting his hands over his head in disbelief like his mom had told him they ran out of Bagel Bites. 

Worse yet, the Giants went on to lose, 6-0.


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Cameraman Gets Hit with Home Run Ball, Isn’t Fazed and Throws Up a Flex

A cameraman got hit with a home run ball during the Baltimore Orioles-Texas Rangers game Friday night. But don’t worry, he was not fazed. 

During the bottom of the fifth inning, Rangers catcher Chris Gimenez cranked a solo shot to center field to break a 1-1 tie, hitting the poor cameraman right in the arm. The warrior flinched, and then he graced us with a flex. 

That absolutely had to sting, but this cameraman knows he has a job to do and won’t let anything get in his way. Give this man a medal…and probably an ice pack.


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Young Rangers Fan Catches Foul Ball, Jumps with Joy and Shows All the Feels

Normally, a young fan catching a foul ball isn’t too big of a deal, but this kid jumped up and down like he opened an N64 on Christmas morning.

During the eighth inning of the Texas RangersToronto Blue Jays game on Thursday night, this Rangers fan’s reaction to his new souvenir was priceless. After the sweet, no-bounce snag, you can see him holding the ball like it was a brick of gold while he re-enacted the catch to his family.

This is a moment that kid will never forget. All the feels are happening here.


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Rays Teammates Kevin Kiermaier and Daniel Nava Collide During Catch vs. Twins

Tampa Bay Rays teammates Kevin Kiermaier and Daniel Nava had a good laugh during the eighth inning against the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday night.

After catching a fly ball off the bat of Twins second baseman Brian Dozier, Kiermaier slammed right into Nava, leaving them both on the turf. Thankfully, they got right up and even shared a high-five while laughing. Somehow Kiermaier held on to the ball, ending the inning.

However, the smiles didn’t last, as the Rays fell 5-3 in the contest.


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