This is something that I’ve been experimenting with for a few years now with the NFL, MLB and NBA. Not only will I be ranking all of the starting players, you’ll see a number between 7-10 beside the player.

These numbers break the players up into essential categories; here’s a rough layout. 

10- Best player/pitcher in baseball

9+- Superstar, MVP/Cy Young Candidates

8+- Consistent All-Star

7.5- Periodical All-Star

7.25- Solid Starter

7- Average Player

The numbers do more than rank the players, you can also figure out which positions have the most/least depth. I just think it’s a fun way of looking at it.

I also want to reiterate that these are projected starters. For example, I believe Ben Francisco starts the season off as the right fielder, but eventually I believe Dominic Brown takes over. 

Another example you’ll see is Alex Avila, my projected starting catcher in Detroit. I believe Victor Martinez will DH.


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