Troy Tulowitzki Injury: Updates on Rockies Star’s Leg and Return

The Colorado Rockies are not having the 2014 season they envisioned, and things took a turn for the worse Saturday with Troy Tulowitzki. Will Graves of The Associated Press filled fans in on the details: The Rockies' public relations team eventually provided an encouraging update: Tulowitzki has been one of the few bright spots for the Rockies this year. The squad sits in last place in the National League West and at this point is just playing out the string. That takes nothing away from his performance, though. He is raking at the plate with a .342 batting average, 21 home runs and 52 RBI. His OPS is an impressive 1.041, and his 5.7 wins above replacement rate, per ESPN, has helped the Rockies avoid an even worse record. The question now becomes how serious this injury will be looking forward. Even if it is not terribly bad, it would probably be in the best ...

We Remember: Nolan Ryan Puts Robin Ventura in a Headlock, Lays the Beatdown

There was bad blood between the Chicago White Sox and Texas Rangers' Nolan Ryan, and after this 1993 beatdown from Ryan on Chicago's Robin Ventura, there's no doubt who came out on top. Ryan, then 46 years old and 20 years older than Ventura, told the Austin-American Statesman (via Wikipedia) he used the same move on the steers on his Texas ranch as he grabbed Ventura, put him in a headlock and started whaling.  Ventura was thrown out of the game while Nolan was not.  [MLB]Read more MLB news on

Chicago Cubs Trade Deadline: Preview and Predictions

Even though the Chicago Cubs have unloaded their biggest trade pieces in Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel, they still might have moves to make before the July 31 trade deadline. They have some veteran outfielders and relievers that still figure to be on the block, but not all of them are going to be dealt in all likelihood.  Based on future needs at the various positions of the players on the block, what prospects they can get in return and what players are ready to take over at the positions of the players on the trade block, here are five players on the block and if they will still be on the team or not come August 1. By the time it's all said and done, the Cubs are likely to be done rebuilding and will then be retooling on their way to contention in 2015 and beyond.Begin Slideshow

Adam Dunn Denied Home Run After Ball Bounces off Wall Twice, Stays in Play

What are the odds of this?  On Friday night, Chicago White Sox outfielder Adam Dunn got about as close to hitting a home run as one can get with the ball bouncing off the top of the outfield wall twice while still remaining in play.  While it's not completely clear whether or not the ball hit Houston outfielder L.J. Hoes' glove, it looks like it hits the wall first and bounces on it again, which is absolutely mind-boggling.  The White Sox went on to win 3-2. [MLB]Read more MLB news on

Cold Hard Fact for Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fact: Derek Jeter's start vs. Cincinnati was his 2,610th career start at shortstop, passing Omar Vizquel (2,609) for the all-time MLB record. Bleacher Report will be bringing sports fans the most interesting and engaging Cold Hard Fact of the day, presented by Coors Light.   Source: Elias Sports, h/t Yankees PR Dept. Read more MLB news on

Boston Ball Girl Grabs Fair Ball, Immediately Realizes Her Huge Mistake

A Boston Red Sox ball girl grabbed a screaming line drive, and before she could even toss it to a fan, she realized she had made a huge mistake.  As pointed out by USA Today's FTW, the cameras catch her reaction as she says "I'll probably get fired" shortly after she makes a hilarious "oops" face that we've all felt before.  [MLB]Read more MLB news on

Foul Ball Shatters Glass, Angels Fan Enjoying Dinner Wants the Check

All one Los Angeles Angels fan wanted was to enjoy a nice night out at the ballpark, but a very rude foul ball quickly put an end to that. When Seattle Mariners shortstop Brad Miller's ball went foul, it shattered the glass next to where this fan and her date were eating. Judging her (fairly justified) look of contempt, she wanted to remove herself from the situation immediately, quickly asking the waiter for the check. It looks like the next time these two get dinner, it will be at a place where errant fly balls aren't a possibility. [MLB]Read more MLB news on

MLB Trade Rumors: Latest Buzz Surrounding Ian Kennedy, David Price and More

That infamous time of year has rolled around. The MLB trade deadline is fast approaching, and we should see plenty of familiar faces in new places in short order. While some teams are aiming to bolster their rosters in an effort to make pushes for the postseason, others are looking to the future and will trade current assets with expensive contracts. Needless to say, the rumor mill has already begun to spin, and many notable names around the league are already involved in trade discussions. So, which players are rumored to be on the trade block? Which teams are interested in acquiring their services? Let's speculate on a few of these situations based on recent buzz to surface around the Web.   Angels and Padres Talking Pitchers As of Friday morning, the Los Angeles Angels are 57-37, while the San Diego Padres are 41-54. It only makes sense that these two teams would be doing business ...

Second-Half Guides for Disappointing MLB Teams to Get Back into Race

The second half of Major League Baseball's season is just getting underway. For a batch of teams who either went to the playoffs last year or had such aspirations this October, that's good news. With a little more than two-fifths of the year, not to mention the July 31 trade deadline, still to go, both time and opportunity remain for such teams to try to turn it around by getting better performances, better health or even better players via trade. Here's how a quartet of clubs who have disappointed so far can improve and/or get back into the postseason race from here on out.Begin Slideshow

2 Trades That Could Take the Cincinnati Reds to the Next Level

With the Major League Baseball trade deadline rapidly approaching—July 31, in case you were unaware—it's become increasingly clear that the Cincinnati Reds need something, anything to get them to the next level in order to compete for a division title and possibly a World Series championship. The team has concerns surrounding the level of production it's received from several key areas, including left field, shortstop and the bullpen. Until it addresses at least one of these issues, the Reds are not a championship-caliber team, much less a division winner, or even a wild-card team. With that, the Reds have a few options. Should they buck their recent trend of twiddling their thumbs at the deadline, then they will likely choose to pursue a reliever and a bench bat while shipping off underperforming prospects—e.g. Daniel Corcino—who still have upside and value if moved to a new team. But, this article isn't about what they ...

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