OK, first we find out Omar Minaya is in town for the Atlanta series to “support his team.” Now we find out Mets owner Jeff Wilpon has also strolled into town right behind him. NOT a good sign.

Somewhere, Willie Randolph is smiling.

Somebody’s got to go and if I had my way it would be both Omar and Jerry Manuel. In the beginning of the season I stated that if the Mets had a slow start that these two would have to go. I would consider last place, six weeks into the season, a slow start.

On top of that here come the Yankees and Phillies who could bury them in last place for a long time. It’s not looking good, my fellow Mets fans, but I have always followed an age old rule, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results .“

This is insanity I’m watching. Firing Jerry will not make me happy. I would just as well keep Jerry and watch Omar go.

Let’s not make the same mistake twice by only letting the manager go. This time it’s got to be Omar.

Omar put this team together. Only Omar can take credit for Oliver Perez and his obscene contract. Only Omar can take credit for Jason Bay , Jeff Francouer, and a pitching staff that only has two legitimate starters and nothing in the farm system to back them up. And he has to own up to the fact many of our star players injuries were not handled correctly.

My feeling is, with the Yankees coming to town, big changes are in order. So that makes me think that both Jerry and Omar could be gone.

Going forward, what manager would fill all those empty seats in Citi Field?

The only person who could fill some of these empty seats in Citi Field is Wally Backman. Bobby Valentine is a longshot. Give Backman the job. Let him entertain us a little, maybe even light a fire under some of these overpaid players. Make Ollie run laps in the bullpen for the entire game! Earn all those millions!

But something has to change or the Wilpons stand to lose a lot in tickets sales and all other avenues of revenue related to the Mets.

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