Yankees and Red Sox—they’re in on everything. That’s why Joba Chamberlain and Daniel Bard aren’t simply two of the most dominant setup men in Major League Baseball. These flamethrowers are the closers of the future.

The save always comes in the ninth, but sometimes the game depends on the eighth.

During an era in which starters frequently exit before the seventh-inning stretch, setup men are more important than ever, and wealthy closers can thank them for giving them so many save opportunities.

Boston and New York fans know Bard and Chamberlain, and much of the baseball world knows them as well.

Yet, there are many more setup men throughout Major League Baseball who lack the notoriety afforded by a gargantuan market.

These are the top 10 setup men in the game.

And… although I acknowledge Chamberlain’s potential dominance, he doesn’t make the cut right now.

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