Let me start by saying I am not a White Sox fan. I grew up cheering for the Minnesota Twins.

As a Twins fan I remember Ozzie Guillen being a thorn in the Twins’ side as a player. Since taking over the White Sox he is now a thorn in the Twins’ side as a manager.

Yet, Guillen is one of my favorite managers in baseball. A lot of it is for the praise he has always had for the Minnesota Twins, and the mutual respect that Ron Gardenhire and he have for each other.

Guillen manages much in the same way he played—with passion, enthusiasm and a desire to win.

Guillen, who played 13 of his 16 big league seasons for Chicago, is the face of the White Sox. He’s said he loves what he is doing and wants to die doing it.

Considered a light-hitting, soft-handed shortstop, Guillen is among the White Sox leaders in games played, hits and at bats.

He may not have had the most decorated career, earning a single Gold Glove in 1990, and making only three All-Star games appearances, but you knew as a fan you were getting everything Guillen had to give. There was never any question about his desire and his effort.

Guillen was the 1985 American League Rookie of the Year. 20 years later, in 2005 he would earn the American League Manager of the Year.

In only his second season managing at the major league level, he would pilot the White Sox to their first World Series Championship in 88 years.

Since 2004 Guillen’s White Sox have been winning at a .528 pace, winning two AL Central Division titles. Among AL Central Division rivals, only the Minnesota Twins have a better winning percentage at .538. 

As a manager Guillen’s players will know where they stand, he is first to praise them, as well as the first to chew them out if he isn’t getting the effort the game deserves.

In 2006 he created a sensation in the Twin Cities when he referred to the bottom of the Twins’ lineup as “little piranhas.”

In no time there t-shirts everywhere touting the Twins’ Piranhas!

Going into the 2010 season the AL Central was considered to be a two-team race.

Everyone was talking about the Twins and Tigers battling it out. The White Sox did not get a lot of mention.

As late as June 9th this year the White Sox were 9.5 games back in third place.

Over the next month the White Sox became the hottest team in baseball, going 25-5 and leading the division by a half-game heading into the All-Star Break.

Guillen has the White Sox playing great baseball. They have picked up their defense and continue to lead the division in home runs.

This has turned into a three-team race for the AL Central Division, and if Ozzie Guillen has anything to say about it—we will all know exactly what that is!

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