Second Round (74 overall) Jarrett Parker OF Virginia:   Parker actually hit better his sophomore year than he did this year.  In 2009 he hit .355 with a 1.114 OPS.  Both numbers fell this year to .338 and 1.033, which is probably why he fell to the bottom of the second round.

Third Round (105 overall) Carter Jurica SS Kansas St:   Jurica had a fine year in 2010, finishing with a .363 batting average and a 1.068 OPS.  He hit .353 in 2009, but with much less power, finishing his sophomore season with a .925 OPS.  Baseball Draft Report rated Jurica as the second best college shortstop in the draft, behind Christian Colon, who the Royals took with the fourth overall pick.  Looks like a good pick for this place in the draft.

Fourth Round (138 overall) Seth Rosen RHP Minnesota:   Rosen has a good arm, but wasn’t a great college pitcher at a big school program.  He went 9-4 in ’10 with a 4.72 ERA and line of 103 IP, 100 hits, 13 HRs, 12 walks allowed, and 95 Ks.  In ’09, he went 7-1 with a 4.21 ERA with a line of 77 IP, 82 hits, 16 walks allowed, and 65 Ks.  He clearly has a good arm and can throw strikes, but he looks like he needs to learn how to be effectively wild.

Fifth Round (168 overall) Richard Hembree RHP College of Charleston: Hembree was drafted solely on his arm.  In what appears to have been his first season at a four-year college, he had a 6.52 ERA with a line of 29 IP, 33 hits, 18 walks allowed, and 42 Ks.

The Giants have had some luck with guys like this (great arm, can’t throw strikes).  The Giants selected Dan Runzler in the ninth round (284 overall) in the 2007 Draft, after a junior year at UC Riverside in which he had a 5.06 ERA and trouble throwing strikes.  Runzler was almost like a new pitcher when he hit professional baseball, which suggests he had a mechanical glitch the Giants organization corrected and/or he responded extremely well to professional coaching.

Sixth Round (198) Mike Kickham LHP Missouri State:   Another “arm” pick, Kichham had a 4-9 record with a 5.25 ERA this year, but a line of 96 IP, 101 hits, 14 HRs, 30 walks allowed, and 103 Ks.  Again, it looks like he needs to learn to be effectively wild.

Seventh Round (228) Charles Jones CF High School (Boonville, Missouri) :  Jones was the first high school player selected by the Giants in the 2010 Draft, which is a big surprise, since the Giants usually like high school pitchers.  I can’t find too many specifics about him online, but he is listed as 6’3″ and 235 lbs, which is huge for a high school player and makes me think he might also be a football prospect.  We’ll have to wait to see if the Giants can sign him.

Eighth Round (258) Joe Staley C Lubbock Christian University:   Staley had a fine year in 2010, hitting .443 with a 1.254 OPS playing for a power-house team with a very weak college schedule.  Whether he sticks in professional baseball may depend on his defensive skills, because he may find the jump to professional ball leaves his bat behind.

Ninth Round (288) Chris Lofton OF Jones County JC (Mississippi): Lofton’s a junior college player the Giants liked enough to take in the ninth round.  Whether he signs or transfers to a four-year school to improve his draft chances in 2011 remains to be seen.

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