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Brett Gardner Update: May 1, 2010

Brett Gardner continues to have a big impact for the New York Yankees.

Last night the Yankees came from behind to beat the Chicago White Sox 6-4. Derek Jeter was the hero of the game as he had a single, a two run homer and a two run triple. Jeter drove in four runs and scored another.

But Gardner was critical too. Gardner went 2-3 with a stolen base. And two of the runs Jeter drove in were Gardner crossing the plate.

Gardner finished the game hitting .323. It is hard to imagine that manager Joe Girardi will continue to platoon Gardner if he continues to hit this way.

Thus far this year Girardi has shown a reluctance to start Gardner against left handed pitchers but Gardner is making it harder and harder for Girardi to make that choice.

Marcus Thames had 10 hits in 17 at bats in his platoon role so he gives justification to Girardi’s platoon strategy. But Gardner deserves to play every day and should not be taken from the lineup as long as he is producing.

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Derek Jeter Passes Ken Griffey, Jr. for Most Hits Among Active Players

Please read this carefully.

Take your time to understand the import of what you are about to read.

For if the following hits you as it hit me when I first read it, you will be amazed.

As reported in the New York Post today, last night Derek Jeter passed Ken Griffey, Jr. as the active player with most hits in his career.

But the incredible part, the part you have to read carefully is the other part of the Post report.

When Derek Jeter made his major league debut in 1995 it was against the Seattle Mariners, for whom Griffey played at the time. At the time Griffey was on the disabled list.

But the day Jeter debuted Griffey already had 998 hits. NINE HUNDRED AND NINETY-EIGHT.

Which means that since that day, Jeter has 1,000 hits more than Griffey.

Read it again. Jeter has ONE THOUSAND more hits than Griffey since Jeter began his major league career.

It goes without saying that Griffey has lost a lot of time on the disabled list with various injuries. Jeter has had a few short stints on the DL, but nothing like Griffey.

Since 1995 Jeter has played in 2,159 games and collected 2,778 hits.

During that same time Griffey has played in 1,783 games, so Jeter has 376 more games than Griffey over that time.

Parenthetically, it must also be said that Jeter has five World Series rings and Griffey has none.

But the fact that during that time that Jeter has 1,000 more hits than Griffey defies logic.

Jeter will join Griffey in the Hall of Fame someday. But Jeter has far surpassed Griffey in what he has accomplished and what he has meant to the game.

It is of course unclear what remains for Jeter in his career.

Alex Rodriguez was quoted as saying he believes Jeter is improving rather than slowing down.

White Sox manager, Ozzie Guillen, called Jeter “God” and said that he is the No. 1 player and has been for a long time.

No other player can be compared to Jeter. It is hard to imagine another player in our lifetimes who will have the impact Jeter has had.

But this one statistic, to realize that Jeter has 1,000 more hits than Griffey since Jeter began to play, defies understanding.

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