Who is the best starting pitcher in each franchise’s history? 

Is the player from 80 years ago or is he pitching today?

Is there a clear choice or is there a choice to make between two or three pitchers?

The only rules I have as criteria are:

  • The pitcher must have pitched in a minimum of four seasons for the team (unless there wasn’t a very good choice, then any pitcher qualifies)
  • Any starting pitcher in the franchise’s history can be considered, from any city the team played in (for example, any pitcher that was on the Washington Senators that became the Minnesota Twins will be eligible for the Twins)
  • Only stats for that team can be considered, and
  • Any pitcher with ties to PEDs cannot be considered.

We’ll tackle each franchise in alphabetical order.

Please feel free to suggest a different option.  State your case well enough and I just might change my mind! 

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