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Biggest Winners and Losers of David Freese for Peter Bourjos Trade

It may not be as big or impactful of a trade as Prince Fielder for Ian Kinsler was from earlier in the week, but the swap between the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Angels does leave plenty to dissect and discuss.

All in all, the four-player deal involves third baseman David Freese and reliever Fernando Salas going to the Angels, and outfielder Peter Bourjos and prospect Randal Grichuk headed to the Cardinals.

Here’s a rundown of the biggest winners and losers of this move, starting with the most accomplished big leaguer of the batch.

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David Freese Trade Puts Emphasis on Cardinals’ Shortstop Needs

David Freese and Fernando Salas were traded to Anaheim in exchange for outfielder Peter Bourjos and minor league outfielder Randal Grichuk, as reported by various outlets including the Cardinals‘ Twitter account.  The move is an interesting one for the Cardinals and impacts far more than the outfield.

You can read an in-depth look at Grichuk on the Angels blog Monkey With A Halo.

It can be speculated that Bourjos will contend for the starting center field job in St. Louis.  If that is true, the Cardinals will shift Oscar Taveras to focus on a corner outfield spot.  That would project a Cardinal outfield of Matt Holliday, Peter Bourjos and Oscar Taveras.

Taveras shifting to right field is likely a good thing as it provides the Cardinals a defensively strong center fielder in Bourjos.  The logjam gets created at first base.  The deficiency gets created in the middle of the lineup.

Bourjos is a fast, defensive outfielder that will provide the Cardinals with speed in the lineup but is not considered a powerful hitter.  Taveras remains a bit of an unknown and will likely take some time to develop his bat when he arrives at the major league level.  Prior to the trade, the assumption was that Taveras would play center field and leave right field to Allen Craig.  Matt Adams would then be allowed to play first base.  The Cardinals would keep Craig and Adams in the same lineup and increase the power potential.  

It appears that the Cardinals will be faced with a lineup that features Craig or Adams and no longer both.  In addition, the trade would likely move Matt Carpenter to third base and give prospect Kolten Wong the everyday second base job.  Neither of those players are considered power threats, though both are good hitters.

That leaves pressure on general manager John Mozeliak to continue to look for an upgrade at shortstop that also provides an offensive upgrade to the lineup.  

Pete Kozma was the starting shortstop last season.  The Cardinals have expressed an interest in acquiring a young, controllable shortstop in exchange for one of their bulk of pitchers, as reported by Jim Bowden of SiriusXM.

The Cardinals could deal Matt Adams, or even Allen Craig, as part of a package to acquire a shorstop.  They currently will rely on Matt Holliday and Allen Craig as well as Yadier Molina to provide power to the lineup.  A shorstop that can provide some power would go a long way in helping the Cardinals improve.

The Cardinals traded a World Series hero in David Freese.  It remains to be seen if it will be the only trade the Cardinals make this offseason.

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Angels vs. Orioles Video: Watch Peter Bourjos’ Incredible HR-Saving Catch

Peter Bourjos just made Tuesday’s game between the Baltimore Orioles and Los Angeles Angels all about him.

In just the bottom of the first inning, Bourjos saw J.J. Hardy blast a 1-1 pitch to deep center and climbed the wall to take back what would have been a two-run home run. Even teammate Mike Trout must be jealous.

You can bet that Bourjos will be all over SportsCenter on Wednesday thanks to this gem of a catch, and I’d even venture so far as to say that this could be the catch of the year.

For those of you questioning whether moving Mike Trout to left field in place of Bourjos was a mistake defensively, I think we just got our answer.

This isn’t Bourjos’ first time robbing hitters, however. He has had five home-run-saving catches since 2010, which leads MLB.

Bourjos clearly has the speed, timing and athleticism to be an elite fielder, and he shows it off at regular intervals. We’ve seen him rob Daniel Murphy, make diving catches and simply become a hitter’s nightmare in 2011.

This must feel like deja vu for Hardy, as just last year he was robbed by an Angels center fielder, but that time it happened to be Trout.

Bourjos is back from the DL, and the fans love it.

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New York Mets: 3 Ideal Trade Partners for R.A. Dickey

Before signing with the New York Mets, R.A. Dickey was treading water at the Major League level, finding little success in Texas, Minnesota or Seattle with his knuckleball

Now, after three seasons in New York and one National League Cy Young Award, Dickey was hoping to end his career with the team that gave him another chance and put him in a position to have the massive success that he has had. 

However, the knuckleballer and the Mets don’t seem to be in agreement on a contract extension and Dickey has threatened to leave in free agency if one is not worked out by spring training. 

Since the two sides seem unable to work out a deal, the Mets could be inclined to deal their 38-year-old ace. Who are the best fits for a trade of the reigning Cy Young award winner?

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Peter Bourjos Is Still a Solid Trade Chip for the Los Angeles Angels

When the Angels made their trade for Zack Greinke the other day, they somehow managed to keep outfielder Peter Bourjos in the system.

The Angels parted with highly regarded shortstop prospect Jean Segura and pitchers Ariel Pena and Johnny Hellweg. Baseball America considers all three to be among the top ten prospects in the Angels system, so clearly the Brewers feel that they got more in this deal than if they let Greinke walk via free agency.

It is odd that they did not insist on Bourjos in the deal. The outfielder who has speed and great defense also has two and a half years of big league experience at age 25. He pushed Torii Hunter to right field while leading the league in triples last season.

With the Angels outfield crowded with two MVP candidates in Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo along side a hot Torii Hunter, Bourjos is a wonderful luxury for the team. A pinch-running, defensive replacement fourth outfielder giving the team remarkable depth.

But Vernon Wells and his albatross of a contract are now off of the disabled list. He has accepted, according to the Orange County Register, a smaller role with the team. However, Bourjos’ role on the team will be diminished even more.

How often will the Angels need a defensive replacement?

In the trade rumors before the Greinke deal, Bourjos’ name would come up. According to MLB Trade Rumors, Bourjos was a key component in a potential James Shields trade. And according to Danny Knobler of CBSSports.com, the Angels were willing to part with Bourjos for a solid reliever.

There is a lot on the line this year with the Angels. They have set their goal to win it all this October. Beyond that, they know that Albert Pujols helping to deliver a title to Orange County would help pay for his massive deal through marketing and merchandising. And the new stars of Trout and Trumbo could keep the Angels relevant for years to come in the wake of a title.

They patched a hole in their rotation and now they need bullpen depth. And they still have a huge chip. A team with a veteran reliever could do worse than solving their center field position for the foreseeable future with a player of Peter Bourjos’ caliber.

Keep an eye on the Angles. They are not done yet.

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MLB Trade Rumors: Tampa Bay Rays Discuss James Shields with LA Angels

According to Tim Kurkijan from ESPN.com, the Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Angels are in talks about a possible trade that would send the starting pitcher out west for center fielder Peter Bourjos and catcher Hank Conger in return. He also added that there is a possibility that Angels pitcher Ervin Santana could be included as well.

The proposed deal would offer the Rays some pieces that they need to continue to be competitive in 2012 and beyond. It also provides a potential replacement in Bourjos for the anticipated departure of BJ Upton in the offseason.

Here is a look at the Angels players rumored to be involved in the deal being discussed and how they could fit into the Rays’ plans.

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